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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Today, I continue my broad reportage by bringing you up to date on a few issues I have recently been covering, and will end with an awesome snowstorm on the Big Island.   Let me begin with the hottest subject of this holiday season, The Interview, for this makes four out of the past five days that I have covered this topic:
  • The "big" news is that independent movie theaters have "saved" the spirit of our country:  SONY has released The Interview to, essentially, any theater wishing to show the film, and the first public performances will occur on Christmas Day, as originally planned.  Twitted (or should this be tweeted?Seth Rogen:  The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed! Sony didn't give up! The Interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it on Xmas day!  Video on demand will also be provided, with details to come.  Cost?  Well, theaters will almost surely sell out, so it might be tempting for SONY to make a killing.  Whoops, bad choice of of words.  Anyway, isn't it grand that North Korea just lost their internet?  
  • Tweeted Bill Maher (who performs in Honolulu on New Year's Eve):  We knocked out N Korean internet, what a blow to the 3 people there who have it. Next up, N. Korean state TV, aka the No Food Network. I wonder if we had anything to do with this?
  • On Saturday I posted:  Barack Obama has Finally become Presidential.  Josh Lederman (right) of the AP agreed with me:
    • He, too, mentioned immigration and U.S.-Cuba relations.
    • He added climate change, where Obama had the EPA move ahead to control coal power plan emissions, increased fuel standards for trucks and sealed a historic global warming agreement with China.
    • Mentioned that Obama has issued more than 80 executive actions, hurdling over what Congress should be doing, at times incurring the wrath of Republicans threatening impeachment.

    • Amazingly enough, Cal Thomas (right), also on the same op ed page as McManus, wrote that our President was right to begin normalization with Cuba.  Cal Thomas, Evangelical Christian and regular on the Fox News Channel.  
        I should mention that the President
        is still in Hawaii, and as it rained, 
        yesterday bowled instead of golfed.
        But will he be going to Pahoa?
  • How's this for quick action?  Pakistan announced that they would be hanging around 500 convicted Taliban terrorists "suspected" of abetting the gunmen who killed 133 children at school last week.  Already six of them have been hung.  This is the group that tried to execute Nobel Laureate Malala.  The significance?  This is only the second time since 2008 that anyone has been officially executed in the country.  Sometimes it takes two idiotic acts to wake up a country.  I wonder what they think of gun control?  How many before the USA wakes up?  Sandy Hook was two years ago.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average will today set an all-time high somewhere north of 18,000, breaking that barrier for the first time in history.
  • About Hawaii, it is snowing, yes, snowing, this view of Mauna Kea from, of course, a golf course, courtesy of the Huffington Post:

In most parts of the country, if it snows, you can't golf for months.  I am not particularly favorably disposed to tourism, but, come, we need your dollars.


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