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Saturday, December 20, 2014


The first family arrived last night for at least a 2-week stay in Hawaii.  They leave on January 4.  Daughter Malia (below) is now taller than her mother and as tall as her father.  Both are 6' 1" tall, and Sasha, who is 13, where all recent photos showed her a foot shorter than her dad, is catching up.  She is to his right on the right.

Interesting, but after the Democrats got trounced last month, President Barack Obama has finally become PRESIDENTIAL.

First he unilaterally reforms immigration, making the U.S. Congress, especially Republicans, look kind of foolish.  Republicans appear to be a lot more negative about immigration rights, but, a Pew poll last year showed that both parties do not differ much on the issue.  It's more that Congress has found a way to just do nothing and still mostly get re-elected.

Should Jeb Bush beat Hillary Clinton in two years, he is a Republican who will lead the cause for Hispanics, for he happens to be married to Columba Gallo (left), a daughter of a Mexican migrant worker.  They've been married for forty years and have three children, the oldest a lawyer (and clearly with thoughts about a political future) and the middle child, a daughter, with substance abuse problems.

Then earlier this week Obama went where our previous 10 presidents refused to go by restoring full diplomatic relations with Cuba,  

Credited was Pope Francis who helped negotiate a prisoner swap.  Royally pissed was Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican and son of Cuban immigrants.  Obama was smart enough to caution the U.S. Congress about loosening the economic embargo.  In all this hullabaloo, not once was Fidel Castro quoted.  He is 88 and strangely silent, even though he holds some kind of presidential oratory record of seven  hours.

Obama also chided SONY for their caving in to North Korean cyberterrorists, this particular article from a Russian publication.  I merely expressed my disappointment.  And, get this, North Korea responded by suggesting collaborating with the USA to find the real cyber criminals, or, and this is so typical for them:

If America refuses our proposal of mutual investigation, continues to link us to this case, and talk about actions in response, they (America) will be met with serious consequences.

Oh, will Obama visit Pahoa?  The latest USGS report indicates that the lava flow will reach the Pahoa Shopping Center around New Year's Day.  On the other hand, at the end of October the flow was supposedly two weeks away, as it has been for several months now.  What has happened is that the front cools and stops, but breaks through somewhere upstream, starting a new invasion.

Finally, here is Hawaii's potential Obama PRESIDENTIAL Library:

The design will get criticized for lacking the spirit of Hawaii, but looks good to me.  Anyway, we have no chance of getting selected, for we have no political nor financial clout.  However, it would not surprise me if a concession is offered:  a satellite library.  How else can the Obama's continue to vacation here during the holidays?  The last place they would want to go is Chicago.


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