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Friday, December 26, 2014


Okay, this is the day after Christmas, and I can continue to condemn any efforts to waste money on any Mission to Mars for the next century or two, or more (that's the launch of Orion earlier this month) ...

...or discuss the gall of Denmark to gain control over Santa Claus, or explain that I had nothing to to do with the SONY The Interview hack during my stay at the Bangkok St. Regis a month ago.  I could report, though, that, as I expected, there was absolutely no terrorist violence at any of the 300 or so theaters showing the film yesterday.

I certainly could explain why the Dow Jones Industrial Average today broke, again, another all-time record.  Instead, I'll continue my reportage of Purgatory and continue on to a Christmas dinner at the home of the star guard of the first Rainbow basketball Fabulous Five.  In those days they played at the Civi Auditorium, so you might not quite remember them.

The Purgatory known as 15 Craigside has an annual show organized and performed only by actual residents of this establishment.  Arcadia has their Follies, produced by Jack Cione (right), but they bring in professionals.  Arcadia is our sister center, and Jack sat in the front of the audience to view our performance.  I say our, but that would be taking too much credit, for I was asked to participate in the show-stopping Chicken Dance, and found a partly convincing reason to talk my way out of this honor:

Perhaps I'll participate next year.  Then again, maybe not.  The individual who directed most of the show was Charlotte, who, with Alfred, a former aerospace engineer, lives across the hallway from me:

Of course, the audience was in rapt attention:

I think I'm now closer to graduating from Purgatory.  I can't say the same for Fred.

Going back in time, in the early 1950's, I remember attending a University of Hawaii basketball game at the Civic Auditorium.  They beat the University of Southern California.  Some refer to this Hawaii team as the Forgotten Five:  Willy Lee, Harvey Lee (who went on to play against the Harlem Globetrotters), Fred Furukawa, Al Malinguis and Tommy Yasuhara.  They were from Hawaii, fabulous and all graduated.  If any University of Hawaii team deserves greater recognition, it is this group of Hawaii-bred athletes, all who went on to succeed in life.

Well, I mention the above because I had my annual Christmas dinner at the home of Betsy and Harvey, with their son, Patrick.  

Actually, this is an optical illusion, for Patrick is not that small and that glass of red wine Betsy is drinking is not that voluminous.  Harvey and I had our usual drink or two or three or four or more, he vodka, and me, scotch.  Leona was my ride home:

Michelle and Jack with their Tesla:

I think they mentioned something about purchasing another one.  We ferociously discussed every issue imaginable, and no one convinced anyone of anything.  I appeared to be the only moderately Liberal Democrat, outnumbered by individuals who mostly ranged from Libertarian to Conservative Republican, with a few quiescent peacemakers.  All that interchange only enhanced a great Christmas period for me:  walking 18 holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course, dinner Christmas eve with the family of Ken Shiroma, the belated arrival of Polly and Minoru Tamashiro (Termite Professor from the University of Hawaii) at 15 Craigside, Hawaii beating Colorado at the Diamond Head (basketball) Classic, and being so blessed to survive another Christmas, healthy, not so wealthy anymore, but wise (read my posting about fugu and find out why).

To continue, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke, again, its all-time high, up 24 to 18,054.  The Nasdaq Composite Index reached a 14 year high.

Tropical Cyclone Kate, west of Australia, suddenly strengthened into a Category 3 storm at 120 MPH.


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