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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I avoid those TV news programs that once a year or so only gives good news.  Worse, there are links to sites like GOOD NEWS TV that only plays, well, good news.  There is also a web page, THE GOOD NEWS NETWORK.  Let me share just two stories from this site:
  • Oakland Raiders offensive lineman, Menelik Watson, in the spirit of the holidays, donated his game check ($18,000) to the family of 4-year old Ava Urrea, who has a heart condition, and has undergone 14 operations.  She was made honorary captain by the team, and with her parents were at the game when the Raiders upset the Buffalo Bills.
Forgive me, but it is Christmas Eve, and this blog site tends to be, maybe, too optimistic and uplifting (at least that's my point of view) anyway, so let me share a few more of the above:
  • Yes, this is five days over the past six, but The Interview is at this very moment available on You Tube Movies.  The cost?  ONLY $5.99.  Even seniors don't get this break at a regular theater.  I might note that The Box Trolls can be viewed for $14.99 and Gone Girl for $12.99.  
    • We might be seeing the end of movie theaters, for at one fifth the cost, you can make your own popcorn and legally serve yourself a glass of wine.  You won't need to drive, fight the crowd for parking and sit behind a lady with a tall bouffant, while paying $6 for a small Coke.  A six-pack of most beers in your typical liquor store goes for about this sum, if not lower.
    • Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave the film a junk 54% rating, but audiences love it, 96%.
  • The American economy is at an all-time high, for the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to 18,030, another record high (there have been 37 of these just this year).  This nearly 4% jump during a five-day run before Christmas, was the highest since 1991.  What makes this upturn significant is that, historically, January is a good month for stocks, and some are speculating that the Dow Jones Industrial Average will threaten 20,000 in February.

  • Solar and wind power provided 873 new megawatts, or 70% of new U.S, generating capacity last month.  Most of this addition came from wind farms in Oklahoma and Texas, plus a solar facility in California.  While new natural gas power plants led in April and August, the other nine months showed natural energy growth leadership.  Can the renewables beat fossil fuels this year?  Certainly, renewables are trouncing coal, by a factor of 49 thus far.  Tally for 2014 of new facilities:
    • natural gas  50%
    • wind  23%
    • solar 20%
    • biomass 2.6%
    • hydro  1.3%
    • coal  1%
    • geothermal  0.3%
  • BuzzFeed Community provided 17 heartwarming stories that, they said, will make you tear up every time.  The simplest one that might, perhaps, inspire you to do one more thing today:

Random Act of Kindness

I was about 10 and my family was really struggling financially. It was a few days before Christmas and a stranger rang the doorbell and handed my dad a wrapped box. We all sat at the table and my parents opened it to find a envelope full of cash, as well as gift cards for myself and my three siblings. My parents asked all around to try to find out who did it but to this day we don’t know. It’s touching to know people do things like this not for praise but out of the goodness of their hearts.
—Submitted by brittanim43d1dd5e6
Should anyone want to share any kind deed, please comment.  As few have the courage to actually do this, please send me a note at

and I'll add it to the comment section of this blog, identified as anonymous, if so requested.


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