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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I awoke to the above double rainbow, which was oh so incredible, for one of my dreams last night was of an impossible set of rainbows.  I was walking in downtown Honolulu with a neighbor, Dan Bent (who was mentioned in my previous posting--people who show up in your dreams are related to those with whom you recently interacted), and we were startled to see in the Diamond Head direction a triple rainbow, which was intersected by another rainbow, and to the left a third rainbow.

I quickly whipped out my iPhone to take a photo, but I could only see a cartoon version of the scene.  It took me some time to try to fix this defect, but when I was ready, the rainbows had disappeared.  Then I woke up.  By far, though, this was my most colorful dream of all time.  I had a posting two years ago on magic truffles, where one of the graphics I used was particularly colorful.  The set of rainbows I saw resembled the photo to the right.  And, yes, I would pass a drug test for not taking any magic truffles.

As my rainbow of this morning morphed, at one stage I saw it move closer to my building.  So, I went to my roof and took the photo to the left.  With some imagination, you can see the rainbow turn to the right at the bottom (you need to click on the photo to expand the view).  Of course, totally spherical rainbows are possible if taken from a building or airplane.

Golfing at the fifth hole of the West Loch Golf Course several years ago, far in the distance towards Diamond Head, I saw a double rainbow...side by side.  One was smaller than the other, and I thought this might have been caused by two separate rain squalls.  I did not have a camera.  Now, I always carry one.  While what I saw is vivid in my mind, based on the previous paragraphs, I now wonder if this was a dream.  I'm getting to the stage of my life when I now and then am confused about dreams and reality.

Rainbows have always fascinated me.  I still maintain an office on the Manoa Campus of the University of Hawaii Rainbows, where we have almost daily rainbows. Oops, the new Athletic Director, Ben Jay, just edicted that our men's teams are now to be called Warriors (left), while the females are to be called Rainbow Wahine.  This has mostly to do with marketing, but somewhat influenced by the conflict between rainbows and machoism.  Part of the history is that former Football Coach June Jones worked out with Under Armour (their logo to right) financial support, leading to the use only of green, silver and black.

So to conclude, you got to give Aristotle (touching on the subject of the previous paragraph, was probably not gay, but participated in certain practices because those were the mores of those times) a lot of credit, for he is mentioned as the first to give attention to this topic almost two millennia ago.  There is an infinite number of colors in a rainbow, but a hundred hues can be categorized and the following seven are the prime colors:

The seven main colours

Note that red is always on the outside, except, as seen above, in the inside of a double rainbow.
You must be between the Sun and the rainbow and will never be able to reach the end of any rainbow.  I will someday show a circular rainbow from my apartment, and, perhaps a side by side combo from a golf course.

According to National Geographic, it was not until 2011 that the first quadruple-order rainbow was photographed:

Sorry, I can't see it.  For the record a 200th-order rainbow was reported in 1998 using an argon laser, but science and technology sometimes miss the emotional magic of rainbows.


POSTSCRIPT:  Last night I completed reading a book first published in 1964 I've been going back to for almost half a century.  Five hundred nine pages and 120,000 words.  End of the Rainbow, by Kazuo Miyamoto, initially attracted my attention because it involved a Takahashi going to Stanford University.   No doubt the rainbow part stimulated my dream last night.

I am also very close to finishing Paul Theroux's Ghost Train to the Eastern Shore.  This is world travel as I cannot imagine me taking:  grim, dangerous and spartanic.  I brought this book with me on my global adventure in 2008.  My next ultimate world journey, which begins in about a month, will have a touch of Indiana Jones, but be more closely interfaced with the lifestyle of Robin Leach, featuring Michelin 3-Star meals, Johnny Walker Blue Label and a golf safari.

Well, the day ended with an average sunset, taruzake, Kirin beer, assorted sashimi and Sun noodles:


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