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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A few of you indicated you would be interested in joining me for at least for a portion of my Spring Around the World Trip.  You can link with me from the following itinerary on Star Alliance.  For those viewing this posting, I look forward to having lunch with you during any of my quick stops in your city.

WORLD JOURNEY (Spring 2013)

Wednesday     March 27        1249    Lv        Honolulu      United 724 A 
                                            2045    Ar        San Francisco             
                                            22:35   Lv        San Francisco United 863 A 
Friday             March 29        0710    Ar        Sydney

Monday          April  1           1655    Lv        Sydney          Thai 472 A     
                                           2215   Ar         Bangkok         
                                                                         Sheraton Sukhamvit  

Friday             April  5           0735    Lv        Bangkok         Thai 676 A
                                           1545    Ar         Narita               Airbus 380
                                                                         Tokyo Westin 

(Shinkansen Green Car times will be determined later)

Monday          April 8                       Lv      Tokyo Station
                                                      Ar       Osaka

Tuesday          April 9                      Ar       Miyazaki

Wednesday     April 10                    Ar       Hiroshima 

Thursday        April 11                    Ar        Sendai 

Friday             April 12                    Ar        Sapporo 

Saturday          April 13                   Ar        Tokyo 
Sunday            April 14        1230    Lv       Narita              Asiana 101 A
                                          1510    Ar       Incheon                      
                                                                      Westin Chosun 
Wednesday     April 17          1410    Lv      Incheon           Asiana 365 C
                                           1510   Ar      Shanghai
                                                                       Westin on the Bund 

Saturday          April 20        1155    Lv        Shanghai        AirChina1502 F
                                          1410    Ar        Beijing Capital           
                                                                         St. Regis 

Tuesday          April 23          1030    Lv       Beijing           Lufthansa 721 A
                                            1445    Ar       Frankfurt           Airbus 380
                                                                        Sheraton Airport

Thursday        April 25          1300    Lv        Frankfurt**    Lufthansa 418 A
                                          1545    Ar         Dulles               Airbus 747-8
                                                                        St. Regis 
Sunday            April 28         1220    Lv        Dulles            United 735 F
                                           1418    Ar        Denver

Tuesday          April 30          1535    Lv        Denver           United 735 A
                                            1714    Ar        San Francisco
                                                                         4 Points Sheraton Airport

Thursday        May  2             0900              Pickup by Kenji’s group
                                                                           Golf safari in Napa Valley

Tuesday          May 8                                    Napa Valley

Wednesday     May   9                                  San Francisco
                                                                         4 Points Sheraton Airport
Friday             May 10            1040   Lv        San Francisco   United 201 F
                                            1310   Ar         Honolulu

Why is this an ultimate world journey?  Well, it could well be my final grand trip, as I'm getting old and running out of money.  I have scheduled flights on the Airbus 380 and new Boeing 747-8.  I tend to stay in Starwood hotels because as a Platinum member, the internet and breakfast are free, they upgrade me and I can freely use any of their executive clubs.  But what will make this trip memorable will be lunches and dinners at Michelin 3-Star and Pellagrino Top 100 restaurants.  For example, I'll be having dinner at Narisawa, the best restaurant in Japan.  A little disconcerting is that it dropped twelve places to #27 in the World, and that it is not even in the Michelin 3-Star list.  Interesting that Japan has more of these temples of cuisine than France, and that Tokyo has more than Paris.  California has only two Michelin 3-Stars, and they are both in the Napa Valley region:  French Laundry in Yountville and The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena.  Maybe I'll get to experience both on this trip.

Looks like Tropical Cyclone Dumile, at 75 MPH, will skirt to the west side of St. Denis, Reunion:


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