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Sunday, January 13, 2013


1.  Don't dry your clothes in your home microwave oven.  Not only can you start a fire, but this also can damage your home, as happened in the UK.  Actually, appliance manufacturers have toyed with this idea, but the inefficiency was not worth the time saved.

2.  How many Democratic presidents has America had in the past 32 years?  Two:  Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

3.  There are around 7 billion people living on Planet Earth.  You would think with all the children, people in poverty and the like, there might be, perhaps, a billion cell phone subscriptions, right?  Well, no.  China by itself has more than a billion, and India is soon to meet this number.  The world total is 6 billion.  The top three:  Samsung with 820 million sold in 2012, Nokia 368 million and Apple 125 million. The best seller is Samsung's Galaxy S III (left).

4.  Crime generates a tad more than $2 trillion/year, around 7% of the global economy.  Then, of course, there are some crimes and wars that just kill and maim.  And, oh, by the way, there currently are 60 countries at war and 374 other military issues.  This map is meaningless, for it is way outdated, but I like the colors.

5.  The Super Bowl is big, right?  After all, 111 million viewed the victory by the Patriots over the Giants.  Well, the World Cricket Cup semifinals drawing 150 million  was bigger, while the 2010 World (soccer) Cup had 620 million watching.  Estimated fans:  soccer (3.5 billion), cricket (2.5 billion), field hockey (2 billion)...#7 baseball (500 million), #8 golf (450 million) and tied for #9:  basketball and American football at 400 million each.  I've never seen a field hockey game (left).



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