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Friday, January 25, 2013


Every so often I receive gratifying messages restoring some faith in my efforts to Save Planet Earth and Humanity.  For some reason (which ranges from the fussy cryptographic Google filter to general uncomfortableness of responding to the general public) almost no one comments to these blog postings.  Fortunately, many do send me a personal e-mail.

Today, Rutger de Graaf (above), founding partner of DeltaSync communicated, expressing interest in a partnership for the Blue Revolution.  While I've been writing and talking about this future, Dr. de Graaf has actually done something.  View his presentation on the BlueRevolution.  The sub-heading is:  turning polluting cities into productive eco-cities.  He says, floating food cities will save the world.  Hmm...sounds like me.  We seem to say the same things, like:  we can't use deserts because water is lacking and outer space is too expensive.  The simple solution?  The OCEAN!

BBC News just yesterday reported on his new cities at sea.  Foamed polystyrene connected by concrete.  Brilliant.  His initial focus would be at home in the Netherlands, for about a quarter of the country is below sea level.  Click to read on 10 innovative ideas for life over water as our sea level rises.  Rutger's research company, thus, also specializes in floating urbanization:

de Graaf's floating cities, thus, at this stage, are linked to the existing infrastructure on land:

However, as he perfects his floating urban cities, and the Pacific International Ocean Station develops the marine technology and systems for the open ocean, there will be point in time when our efforts can be combined to finance, design, build and and establish independent floating cities and industrial parks.  There is good reason to believe that DeltaSync and Blue Revolution Hawaii can work with Shimizu to someday soon collaborate on their 100,000 population green float botanical city:


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