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Friday, January 11, 2013

COUNTRY #210: Nghe An Province

I was wondering why Curacao was the 211th country to visit this blog site, for the previous original country was the Solomon Islands at #209.  I made a search, and found out that earlier in the day of Curacao, making the link was Country #210, Nghe An Province.  Why this entity is deserving of a country code I don't know, for it is a small part of Vietnam.  But Google has 246 entities in its list of "countries," so, anyway, welcome country code #210:

Nghe An Province

So let me tell you something about this province.  The only city is Vinh, but there are two towns, Cura Lo and Thai Hoa and 437 communes.  There are two universities here.  I kind of get it as far as significance when I found out that Ho Chi Minh called this his home province.  He is the Father of His country:


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