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Saturday, January 19, 2013


The following True or False items are from Snopes.  This is a site you click on when you wish to check on a possible hoax.  Don't peek, but the answers are provided at the end:

9.  Your personal information can be obtained through and


You should have logically concluded that all are TRUE by your third click.  

  b.  I tried #10, and my phone number could not find my address.  I wonder if I removed my number from the database.  

  c.  Regarding #9, Zabasearch was only partially correct, but Spokeo pretty much nailed me down, including where I lived, value of apartment and my age.  Spooky.  There are 23 Patrick Takahashis in the country.  Even more scary, you can get a lot more info if you agree to pay them.  However, Spokeo charges only $4.95 for three months of checking on whomever you want.


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