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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Well, a one day vacation and I'm back.  However, nothing special, just photos of my more interesting activities this past week.  First, I participated in a once/month "party" to see if this venue could promote the Blue Revolution.  Sponsored by a variety of enterprises, there was a suggestion that I could meet people who knew people who could influence a billionaire.  Those Koi indicate that this event was held at the Pagoda Hotel.

Featured were Byington wines and Korean sochu (the colored bottles were of different tastes, such as kiawe and hibiscus/mint) and whisky:

Basically, around 50 people showed up to pay $25 to drink and eat as much as they wanted.  The food assortment was good:

There was some entertainment, followed by karaoke.

Will I return?  Sure, if I want to join a party.

I had lunch at Sushi King, my usual step one before going on to watch the Rainbow baseball team:

I walked by two areas between the Manoa Campus and King Street where Sushi King is located and saw two patches of sugar cane.  Note the purple color.  In all my years with the sugar industry this was the variety which had the sweetest stalk with minimal fiber.  However, all the productive canes actually harvested were greenish yellow.

The University of Hawaii baseball team plays just good enough to win more than lose, sometimes.  However, nothing like a Sunday baseball game with Diamond Head in the background.

May the first is Lei Day in Hawaii.  Why?  The tradition started 90 years ago to commemorate the presentation of floral wreaths to say aloha.

I had two options.  15 Craigside had our own celebration, but I chose to catch The Bus into Waikiki, and began with lunch at Yauatcha:

Hot sour soup and Shanghai Soup Dumplings.  Well fortified, I walked to the Waikiki Bandstand where there must have been a hundred vendors selling something.

There was entertainment, a procession beginning the formal program, a whole lot of leis and hats:

I had defrosted a Miyazaki wagyu beef for dinner, so stopped by Safeway to buy a small amount of ahi to make an enhanced Hawaiian poke.  I added Hawaiian mix (kukui nut, sesame oil, limu), chopped green and white onions, kazunoko marinated in scotch, chili pepper and soy sauce.  What a meal on my lanai:

I later took a full moon photo from my lanai:

I'm set to go golfing at the Ala Wai Golf Course, where the Star Advertiser this morning announced that the driving range will get a $50 million face-lift.  At one time this was the busiest golf course in the world with 220,000 rounds of play per year.  This is now down to 120,000, which I love, because I usually can show up and be on the tee in minutes.

My next posting will be entitled RAIN.  Portions of Houston got five feet of rain over a whole week from Hurricane Harvey.  Last month the Wainiha area on Kauai got more than four feet of rain in 24 hours.  Wainiha is where my grandfather's hydroelectric plant is located.  Coming:  everything you need to know about rain.


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