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Thursday, May 3, 2018


I promised RAIN as my next posting, but I will release that article some time early next week.  Today, I will provide a grand perspective of this ten-year blog series, Simple Solutions for Planet Earth and Humanity:
  • There were 3807 postings.  I would say I averaged 1.5 hours/posting, which is the equivalent of being on my computer 8 hours/day for 1.5 years.
  • Divide by 365, and again by 10, and you get 1.043, which means I more than made up for a few missed days, mostly in China, for Google, which manages this site, has a continuing squabble with the country.  
  • This site has been visited about 1.844 million times, which averages to around 550 viewers per day.  My most popular day was on 18December2018 when I posted:  STAR WARS:  A Religious Experience.  A record 27,775 pings were registered.  Incidentally, Solo will be released this month.
  • While this site started with renewable energy and the environment, it evolved into my reporting on just about anything legally publishable (Google is touchy about sex, and I've been warned...but kept those presentations intact anyway.  Which ones???  You'll need to read through the whole series to find them.).  Otherwise, at this moment today, the following topics were the most recently clicked-on (note the range of topics and date those particular articles were released):


Jun 24, 2012, 4 comments
Dec 4, 2017
  • Typically a little more than half of the viewers who tune in are from the USA:
  • Notice "others" at 18.5%.  That is because 221 countries (Antarctica, for example, is a domain) have looked at this site.
  • Why did I continue for ten years?  
    • Mostly to keep educating myself.  
    • The Saving Planet Earth and Humanity theme was wishful and wistful, but unrealistic.  
    • I don't think I influenced anyone to do anything of any real consequence.  
    • Yet, I keep telling myself that those seeds of sustainability and peace I planted will someday bear fruit.  
      • As for example, suppose Kim Jung-Un in a month or so appears in Singapore or wherever in his monumental session with Donald Trump and says something impossibly sensible like, I have today stopped any nuclear and missile development, and promise not to ever again re-start, but only if the rest of the world begins pledging to reduce its similar capability by 50% as soon as reasonably possible, and for the United Nations to initiate a program to, over time, totally eliminate this scourge, which could well have destroyed Humanity.  The UN can immediately guard all my labs and test sites, and when the 50% goal is reached, everything will be dismantled.
      • He would have smartly taken immediate action, while giving the rest of the world time to head in the same direction.  Read my blogs of 4July2017 and 9March2018.
  • I still think that the Blue Revolution is the optimal pathway for society to take today.  Space maybe in a millennium, but today our oceans, particularly if we can produce sustainable products and create exciting new habitats, while enhancing the marine environment.  I have created two spin-off blog sites to continue the effort and donated my home to leverage development:
My next posting this weekend will be on the prospects for Six Hours to Seattle.  Why?  The Big Island is rumbling, and underground conditions are building for, perhaps, some major activity.  It was only three years ago that Pahoa was again under watch for inundation by lava.  But something even worse can, theoretically, occur.  What if a large chunk of the island around Hilo falls into the sea, could a mega-tsunami be generated headed for Seattle?  Almost surely this won't happen, but this could well be the introduction of one of my other books I'm now experimenting with for this blog site.  Then, next, for sure, RAIN.


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