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Saturday, May 19, 2018

DAY 17: Puna Eruption

The lava is now more fluid and should begin to further spread throughout the region.  It is appearing that this current activity is beginning to more and more look like the 1955 Kapoho eruption, which had 24 fissures and covered more than ten times the lava flow of today.

I yesterday went golfing with my next door neighbor John, and on the way home we stopped by J-Shop, where I bought a thin slice of Japanese wagyu beef, a small chunk of Hawaiian ahi (yellow-fin tuna--and that purplish vegetable is myoga) and some mushrooms.

It seems improper to report on the unfolding tragedy on the east side of the Big Island while continuing my hedonistic lifestyle, and I've thought about this.  But yesterday was a day of celebration for me, so I'll compromise by skipping the details.  However, I will mention that the four neighbors on the 12th floor of 15 Craigside will be dining at Senia tonight, which is a hint of the posting tomorrow.


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