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Friday, May 18, 2018

Day 16: Now Up to 22 Fissures

Read about the latest Kilauea volcanic eruption in Volcano Discovery.  Fissure #21 has opened near all those Leilani Estate cracks.  Gas emissions remain dangerous and no end is in sight.  Whoops, #22 just opened up this morning.
Well, life must go on, so for lunch yesterday I went to Mandalay for Shanghai Soup Dumplings (SSD) and Dried Scallop Soup, mainly because the latter was featured in the Dining Out section of the Star Advertiser Frankly, I was disappointed.  First, they were not serving the SSDs that day.  Second, service was terrible.  Third, the scallop soup was watery without any character.  Fourth, featuring of a dish does not mean there is any drop in price.  

I thus substituted scallop and spinach dumpling.  The following, although I brought my own bottle of cognac, cost me me $30 with tax and little tip:

I'm golfing this morning, so I had a hearty Japanese breakfast, mostly from the dining room of 15 Craigside.  The green onions in the miso soup came from my herb garden:


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