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Thursday, May 10, 2018

DAY 8: Puna Volcanic Eruption

Early this morning Puna Geothermal Venture finally removed all 62,000 gallons of pentane from this power plant site next to Leilani Estates.  Why the company did not have an immediate escape plan for this explosive gas is unimaginable, and I don't recall they ever publicly revealing during the planning phase that their binary fluid was this specific fossil fuel.

Yesterday there were several massive plumes from Halemaumau Crater, the popular summit of Kilauea Volcano.  Tourists at the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum were treated to quite a show. 

The fear now is that, as happened a century ago, there could be an explosive eruption as shown below:

I'll close today by sending you to my posting of 2 November 2014 entitled:


For good reason, it is has been the most popular article from this blog for several days.  In 1984 a flow from Mauna Loa threatened Hilo.  Here is a night view from the town.

A few telling quotes:
  • I feel somewhat comfortable addressing this subject (although my common sense says I should remain silent), for in the '70's I worked on Operation Plowshare to use nuclear bombs for peaceful purposes at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
  • Lt. Col. George S. Patton designed a bombing run of Mauna Loa when it erupted in 1935.  (Yes, that Patton who became a famous general)
  • In the '70's, the U.S. Air Force did actually bomb that volcano, twice, but only for experimental purposes.  Today it's unimaginable for anything so harsh to be suggested.  Just attempting to place another telescope on Mauna Kea has been an exercise in near futility.
  • chemical engineering solution would be to introduce carbonate rocks (such as limestone).  There would be an endothermic reaction to cool the lava, increasing the viscosity and stopping the flow.  Unfortunately, if the volcano keeps spewing out molten rock, the flow could go elsewhere, and there would be liability problems
  • You need to pass through Pahoa to get to this geothermal region, which is located uphill from the Kapoho eruption in 1960,  where the main flow went to sea, but an offshoot in 16 days totally wiped out the town.  But one never learns, for this is now the most expensive part of Puna with million dollar homes.


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