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Thursday, May 31, 2018

DAY 29: Kilauea Volcano Eruption in Puna

Day 29 of the latest Kilauea Volcano eruption in Puna, and the lava flows keep expanding.  Purple represents past eruptions, pink May 3-29 and red on May 30:

In case you were wondering why I'm continuing to daily post, it's mostly because this new phase of the Kilauea Volcano eruption began on May 3, and it seemed only responsible to report on this natural disaster.  I realize, though, that I was there a few miles from the Pu'u O'o original eruption on 3 January 1983, which has continued for almost 35 years and 5 months.  If, somehow, this current activity continues for another 35 years and 5 months, and I'm still blogging, I could well then be the oldest human in the world.  Today, this person is Masazo Nonaka of Japan at 112.  His keys to a long life are dessert and a stress-free lifestyle.  Says Nonaka, learn to say "no."


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