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Monday, April 30, 2018


It was on 29April2008 that I posted my first article in this blog site.  I had recently published SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth, and, I somehow stumbled through to initiate this effort.   Didn't know how to install photos.  I waited a week for my next try, and showed my first photograph, of my book signing at Bestsellers in downtown Honolulu.  Of course, it's no longer there.  Amazon is quickly killing off retailers.

I can't believe I continued, daily, to publish for ten whole years.  From tomorrow, I become an almost free man.

Mind you, this blog site will continue, and, who knows, I just might post something tomorrow anyway.  However, over the next few months I will be focusing more on several books I have been considering:
  • Certainly, I will complete PEARL'S ASHES, the e-book.
  • I also haven't quite completed my ten most memorable postings.  Next, #6.
  • If there is a natural disaster of significance, certainly I will cover that.
  • Every so often I will feel compelled to fulminate, with humor, on something to do with President Trump.
  • I will at least monthly summarize the status of the following subjects:
    • renewable energy
    • the Blue Revolution
    • global warming
    • religion
    • nutrition
    • life
  • Certainly, there will be my kind of movie reviews.  Go to those Marvel movies, I won't.
  • Also, too, I will embellish you with details on my epicurean tastes.
  • If I travel, I will now and then provide some highlights...and, will I be on an around that fantasy world cruise in 2020?  Dubai is hosting the World Expo that year, and when they do something, they go bonkers.  I'll need to find a global ship that stops there.

Hmmm....seems like nothing is changing.  Well, this final daily posting will at least be short.  Please now and then return for the truth...some facts...wry humor...spectacular photos...probably of food.  Aloha.


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