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Thursday, November 23, 2017


This is Thanksgiving, and I'm supremely thankful for what I am today.  To begin, I believe that:

So what am I thankful for?  Earlier this month the 15 Craigside Photography Club was tasked to submit a few photos best depicting thankfulness.

No, I did not submit the photo to the left, but my very presence was one chance in a quintillion, which is 10 to the 18th power.  This has to do with all the sperms produced by my father and eggs by my mother.  These odds significantly diminish when you insert other factors, as, for example, the odds of my mother and father even hooking up.  Just to show a photo of myself seemed much to vain.
So it comes down to people, those who helped  and otherwise interacted with me, and they were innumerable.  So of course I'm thankful for my family, parents and two brothers, plus Pearl, who passed away eight years ago.  Here she is with Pepper in our Kilauea backyard, which was the setting for the Slippery Slide scene in the movie South Pacific.

Here is Sofia Pearl, my grand niece, who was named after my wife.  When I visited with my nephew in New Jersey two years ago, I asked her what she wanted to become when she grew up.  Her answer astonished and pleased me.  She said:  RAINBOW BUTTERFLY.  She is already remarkably creative.  If you've kept up with this blog, the Chinese Swallowtail Butterfly keeps visiting me, and I love rainbows, although I know I'll never reach one.  Yet, I keep chasing them.

Certainly, I'm thankful for the rest of Humanity and Planet Earth.  The Big Bang led to the formation of our globe and all of us.  And, of course, growing up at the peak of Homo sapiens in Hawaii, which in my 19th year became part of the USA, was indeed fortunate.  My education, and professional life were fabulous, and retirement, better yet.

So today, my life in Purgatory, also known as 15 Craigside, surely is worthy of thanks.  And, we have rainbows, almost daily:

While the people at 15 Craigside, residents and staff, make living here wonderful, my freedom to also live life my way is particularly appreciated.  The social interaction at meals is priceless, but I only eat 20 of the 90 meals/month in our dining room.  My favorite cuisine adventure is to drop by J-Shop and purchase Japanese Wagyu Beef and chu-toro or some other sashimi, which I enjoy on my lanai:

But the good life is more than food and people.  I took this photo this week on my iPhone as I was finishing the 18th hole at the Ala Wai Golf course, capturing the essence of my life today:  good health, golf, Pearl's Gold Tree and a rainbow:

I'm thankful for the life I live today.  Tomorrow?  Hopefully my vision of no afterlife is shortsighted.


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