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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I've done my bit to prepare the Orient for President Donald Trump.  He will be in Honolulu, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines from November 3-14.  Unless he gets indicted.

Trump begins in Hawaii, where his approval rating is 35%.  This is the state that has been irritating him on his immigration efforts.  We are a Democratic state that has been royally pissing off Trump, and we are thus in big trouble.

But we are not unique, for Pew found that only two countries of 37 gave Trump higher marks than President Barack Obama:  Russia and Israel.

Trump is largely distrusted in most of the Orient.  Only 24% of Japanese were confident that he was doing the right thing on the world stage, and 72% thought Trump's climate change withdrawal was dumb.  Only 15% felt he was qualified to be president.  However, he is going to Vietnam (58% favorable of Trump) and the Philippines (69%) for that obvious reason.

Get this.  In the USA, China is more popular than Trump!  The latest Gallup poll shows that Trump's approval rating was the lowest for any modern president at a similar point in their terms.

Here is something from Fox News....Fox News, mind you:

Six months after his inauguration Americans already were split on whether Trump should be removed from office.  Today, after Robert Mueller's first move?  Got to be higher.  But 62%?

Just details, mind you, but the Senate needs a 67% majority to impeach any president.  The House requires a simple majority.  They have voted to impeach Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, but the Senate did not agree.  Nixon would have been impeached, but he chose to leave office first.  Thus, in the history of the U.S., no president has ever been impeached and removed from office.


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