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Friday, November 17, 2017


Literally, there are thousands of diets.  MedicalNewsToday lists the nine most popular:
  • #2  The Zone:  balance of 40% carbs, 30% fats and 30% protein--loves olive oil, avocado and nuts
  • #3  Ketogenic:  reduce carbs, increase fat (lot of fat in coconuts, avocados, nuts and oily fish...but they are all good)
  • #4  Vegetarian:  vegetables and no animal-based, except for eggs, dairy and honey
  • #5  Vegan:  only consume plants (in the USA, 70% of those who tried, gave up)
  • #6  Weight Watchers:  diet, exercise and support network (but the company is struggling because most diets are free...but don't work)
  • #7  South Beach:  unrefined carbohydrates, plus some fat
  • #8  Raw food:  no processed foods, with 75% uncooked (including, as one specific diet, raw carnivores)
  • #9  Mediterranean:  plants, fruits, beans, olive oil, some fish and poetry, (my computer stuck that in--should be poultry) and 4 eggs/week, plus wine (click on the right graphic to actually read it)
U.S. News and World Report provided the following:

1. DASH diet
1. Mayo Clinic Diet
1. Weight Watchers      
2. Mediterranean diet
1. Weight Watchers
2. Jenny Craig 
3. MIND diet
3. Jenny Craig
2. Volumetrics

1. HMR Program
1. DASH diet
1. Fertility diet
1. Weight Watchers
2. Mediterranean diet
1. Mediterranean diet
3. Biggest Loser
3. MIND diet
1. MIND diet

1. Weight Watchers

1. DASH diet
1. DASH diet
1. Mediterranean diet
2. Mediterranean diet
1. Ornish diet
2. Flexitarian diet
2. Vegan diet
3. TLC diet
3. Ornish diet

3. Vegetarian diet

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) matches well with my posting yesterday on hypertension.  There are numerous variations of this concept.

I digested some of the above, crystallized the melange into an ideal essence for me, and arrived at My Optimal Diet, where I emphasize the MY.  You don't need to be old, and it would help if you are un-poor, but My Optimal Diet is, essentially, my lifestyle :
  • Contrary to many experts, I believe that your weight can be controlled by neutralizing any energy (food) input with sufficient exercise.  There are also collateral benefits to moving about.  My biochemical engineering PhD knowledge is at the base of this fact.  You need to be able to control your mind, too.  Sitting too much will kill you over time.
  • While I'm at this, sleep is really important:
  • Minimize white foods:  rice, bread, salt and sugar, while avoiding substitutes like aspartame.
  • Abstain from trans fats (some margarines, shortening--naturally occurs in diary products, but minimally)
  • Balance your input.  Not too much of anything, but eat what you like, within reason, even bacon.
    • For example, I splurge on foie gras, Japanese wagyu beef, caviar and the like, but only in small (now and then, one-eight of a pound of foie gras, quarter pound of wagyu, half a teaspoon of caviar, for example) amounts.
    • And, incidentally, I do ingest white rice, but not as much as before.  I blame Rainbow Drive-In and Zippy's for their bentos, but some minor bingeing makes life wonderful and worthwhile.  Sure, bread, even white, with sandwiches, but drastically reduce cured meats with nitrites and other bad stuff.
  • I love seafood of all types, and the more fat the better, great for Omega-3 fatty acids.  I need to reduce the sodium added to sashimi and poke.  Someday.
  • I drink two alcoholic drinks/day, and sometimes more.
  • I once never drank coffee, but have upped that to one cup/day.  In combination with tea, I might have two cups combined/day, and hope to attain a total of 4 cups/day in the future.  While caffeine in them might actually increase your blood pressure, something about these potions prolongs your life.
  • I don't drink the equivalent of 8 glasses of water/day, but on days when I walk on a golf course, I easily exceed that amount.
  • I now consume a lot more salads, nuts (macadamias are my favorite) and fruits (but minimize fructose as much as possible), especially berries.
  • I eat too many forms of chips, and will someday soon need to reduce this amount.  But this is part of the social structure at 15 Craigside dinner tables.
  • I consume chocolates, dark and in moderation.  A slight worry is that most of the news you read about the healthfulness of chocolates are studies paid for by chocolate companies.
The best part about my diet is that it is not a diet but a lifestyle.  I don't measure or calculate anything.  I merely eat what I want (one reason I go through the ordeal of walking on a golf course) and enjoy life by maximizing pleasure, being aware that there are certain limits:
  • body requirements
  • finances
  • whatever else
My dining articles tend to be among my most popular, so you can get a flavor of My Optimal Diet just by referring to them.


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