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Friday, November 3, 2017


My Fabulous Fall Fantasy was great, and the fact that I arrived home healthy was especially fabulous.  The most surprising outcome, though, was that all my plants survived my 18-day absence.  Basically, I placed them in tubs of water.  My lime tree, for example, bore fruit.

Before I left, I was selected to exhibit the upcoming photos from my Fabulous Fall Fantasy.  Unfortunately, I had to extend my trip an extra week, which meant that the 15 Craigside system could not accommodate my late return, for it takes a week to prepare the photos for display.  Thus, before departure, I instead submitted a tribute to my wife Pearl, who passed away eight years ago.

For those who know her, and want to view the photos, you can drop by the ground level just before we enter the Dining Room to see these photos.  Beginning next week, they all will be relocated to the basement exhibition area.

I'm getting tired of Donald Trump in this blog site, so today, Pearl and I:

First, her Hilo High School graduation photo:

Pearl at the age of 69 and 22:

That bronze plaque returns in the final photo below.  Thought I'd show you her Kamaka ukulele, which I've been threatening to play...for 47 years.

She was a nurse at the Kau Hospital in Pahala, we met in September of 1962, and got married in December of that year:

Here is our photo at her home in 1963:

That same year, we were re-assigned from the Hutchison Sugar Company to the Kilauea Sugar Company on Kauai.  The backyard of our trainee cottage was where South Pacific was filmed:

After the waterfall, to the right, is where Bloody Mary sang Happy Talk to France Nuyen and John Kerr.  France and Pearl were born in the same year and could well have been twins.  

While in Kilauea I had a bet with the agriculturist, Doug Felix, on who could grow the larger sunflower plant.  I won by about a factor of two.  I baked this whole, added some salt and had a fantastic natural pu-pu (appetizer) for receptions.  Sunflowers are especially nutritious.

We left Hawaii in 1979 for Baton Rouge, here in the bayous of Louisiana:

After gaining a PhD in biochemical engineering, we returned to Hawaii, where I joined the College of Engineering at the University of Hawaii.  In 1978 we had a trip planned to go around the world, but I got promoted to work in the Chancellor's Office, so I asked her to pick a two-week vacation anywhere she wished.  She selected a helicopter tour of Canada.  To the right, the Bugaboos.

The following year Senator Spark Matsunaga asked me to work for him in the U.S. Senate, so we purchased a car and drove across the country to DC, with one of our stops being Flagstaff, and a second, the Grand Canyon:

We did a lot of exploring, like at a zoo:

Tthe Jefferson Memorial:

A pumpkin/apple farm in Maryland and the Botanical Garden near the Capitol:

Two interesting details about the above photo. First, I had just purchased an Omega-B enlarger almost 40 years ago for a new darkroom, and my very first Cibachrome 16" x 24" enlargement from a slide was this one.  Also, more recently, I got a slide to digital device that resulted in the photo above.

Pearl at the Fountain of Rome, for Three Coins in the Fountain was among her favorite songs.  We had flown to Stockholm, picked up a car there and drove all the way down to Rome.  We also went to St. Peter's Square, for her connection to St. Francis Hospital almost made her a Catholic.

Here is Pearl with Senator Matsunaga and her parents.  For a decade she worked for him, and became campaign office manager in 1981 when he re-ran for his seat, including her time with Senator Dan Akaka.

Returning to the University of Hawaii in 1983, she bought me a Datsun 240-Z:

That same year, Pearl at the Volcano National Park:

I happened to go golfing at the Volcano Golf Course on January 3, 1983.  The ground shook. A short distance away, while we were on the back nine, suddenly, fountains of lava, which was when the current eruption started.  That haze yesterday is still bedeviling Honolulu, and this all began more that 34 years ago.  Here she is below at Foster Botanical Garden:

Two photos of Pearl, Lahaina at sunset and not sure where:

In 1986, with Daisy and Joyce, two of her nursing school classmates:

We then traveled to the Great Wall of China in 1992:

In 2003 we went to Paris, then Japan, with Pearl next to a model of the Atomic Bomb that fell over Nagasaki, the oldest Sakura tree in Kyoto and singing with a Geisha:

Our favorite spot, sunset from our lanai.

She passed away in 2009 and we had a Gold Tree ceremony for her at the Ala Wai Golf Course in 2015:

All three, Nasdaq Composite, S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, broke their all time records today, the Dow up 23 to 23,539.  The latter two have had eight straight week of gains.


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