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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Our past presidents have not been perfect.  From Psychology Today:

According to a study by Jonathan Davidson of the Duke University Medical Center and colleagues, who reviewed biographical sources for the first 37 presidents (1776-1974), half of those men had been afflicted by mental illness—and 27% met those criteria while in office, something that could have clearly affected their ability to perform their jobs.

But has any U.S. President ever suffered from Alzheimer's while in office?  From all indications, Ronald Reagan might have been the only one.

Reagan's memory was a political issue even before he became president. His adversaries often claimed his tendency to forget names and make contradictory statements was a sign of dementia. Reagan tended to substitute terms such as "thing" for specific nouns, and favored using the same words repetitively. He used significantly fewer unique words in the years toward the end of his presidency, noted a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

At the age of 70, Reagan was the oldest President ever inaugurated.  The record was just broken this year by Donald Trump.

Sure, Donald Trump has always been a bully, and, probably too, a serial sexual predator.  Seems like those traits actually helped him get elected as PUS (President of the U.S.) #45.  But his actions as leader of the free world have been so bizarre that I've long wondered about his sanity.  He shows:
  • memory loss
  • difficulty communicating
  • irrational reasoning
  • incapability with handling complex tasks
  • lack of planning and organizing
  • confusion
  • paranoia
...wait, a minute, according to the Mayo Clinic, those are signs of dementia.  Once you gain this mental condition, it only gets worse, with exceptions:
  • immune disorder
  • endocrine abnormalities
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • reaction to medication
  • subdural hematomas
  • poisoning
  • brain tumor
  • anoxia
  • hydrocephalus
Chances are low that Trump's disturbed condition can be described by this latter list.

Today, Trump and Joe Scarborough (former Republican Congressman who can now be seen on Morning Joe) had a Twitter exchange.  Said Scarborough:
  • People close to him during the campaign told me he (Trump) had early stages of dementia and that he is completely detached from reality.
  • You have somebody inside the White House that the New York Daily News says is mentally unfit, that people close to him say is mentally unfit.
Scarborough also describes Trump as "not well," "a madman," and "profoundly unstable."  He further said it is time (and this is a new pathway I did not know existed) for the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, which allows for the removal of the President from office when he is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of this office."  That photo to the left was taken last year.

So there is now a multitude of ways for terminating President Donald Trump's PUS #45 term:
  • Conviction and impeachment initiated by the Mueller Committee.  Looks ominous.
  • Indictment and conviction for rape of a 13-year old.  Snopes hints that this case is not closed.
  • Dementia, with action instituted by his Cabinet.
  • Voluntary resignation, sort of like Richard Nixon.
  • Death by old age.
  • Assassination.
You can actually bet on the above through Paddypower on WILL TRUMP BE IMPEACHED IN HIS FIRST TERM?
  • Yes  5/4
  • No   4/7
What do those numbers mean?  Scroll down to near the bottom of the right column to the bettingexpert Odds Converter Tool and type-in 5/4 in the Fractional Odds box.  Click on Convert and you will get 44.44%, meaning there is still less than a 50-50 chance that he will be forced to leave by impeachment.  But dementia just hit the popular news today.  See where these odds go in the coming days.

When Donald Trump first entered the Presidential Campaign in 2015, the odds on his winning were 500/1.  Here are some current odds:
  • Making a guest appearance at a World Wrestling Entertainment event:  250/1
  • Russian footage of Donald Trump exhibiting his golden shower performance:  5/1  (What is a golden shower?  Go ahead, google it.)
  • That Trump will again say in public "grab' em by the pussy":  50/1
  • Chance that Trump will change his hairstyle while in the White House:  100/1
  • Will succeed in building the Mexican Wall:  6/1
  • Trump's temper will provoke the launch of a nuclear warhead:  250/1
  • Likelihood of assassination:  100/1
  • Odds of Trump leaving during his first term (any way, including impeachment): 1/1 (even or 50%)
The Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed through the 24,000 mark for the first time, ending up 332 to 24,272, another all-time high.  The Dow has jumped 6,000 points since Donald Trump's election.  Maybe he's not so crazy after all.

Tropical Cyclone Ockhi is strengthening, but the current projection shows a track making landfall west of Mumbai:

There is another storm, Tropical Cyclone Dahlia, which just formed off Indonesia:


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