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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Let me reverse the standard quote by saying that:

     You will fail, and maybe die, if you keep shooting yourself in your foot, and other body parts.

All those recent mass shootings and the continued support of Republicans for the National Rifle Association just add to the dismay.

Last year I posted on:

I went back and read it.  You should, too.

What I said then has been compounded by current events, for Republicans all over the country, figuratively, keep shooting themselves in the foot.  So much so that other body parts seem now almost inevitable.

Let me start with key congressional legislation floundering today.  The standard process which has worked since the founding of our country was to: 
  • introduce a bill--which must be offered by a member (although a tax measure has to start in the House)
  • have the bill heard through the appropriate sub-committees and committees so that the concept is perfected through bipartisan involvement
  • these versions must pass through both the House and Senate
  • as the products will be different, there will be a conference committee of the two houses to agree on a single bill
  • which needs to again be passed by both bodies
  • then, up to the White House for final signature or veto
So what has this Republican-control of the House, Senate and White House chosen to do?  They leave Democrats out of creation process, with what seems like almost unconstitutional coaching from the White House, prepare a Republican-only package for vote in each body, and with a scant majority of two votes in the Senate, expect to have the death of Obamacare and Tax Reform to help the rich immediately become laws.

Is that stupid or what?  Well, actually, Republicans thought this all made sense, for they had total control and there was not supposed to be any demurrals in the Senate.  After all, Obamacare got through only because the Democrats then had the majorities on both sides of Congress and Barack Obama as president.

Okay, but there was supposed to be some bipartisan interest in the tax bill, and Republicans really need this bit of success for the upcoming congressional elections next year.  So what do they do?  They re-insert a repeal of the Affordable Care Act pill into the tax reform package.  DUMB!  DUMB! DUMB!  Then, again, this could well be a ploy, the obvious bone, to later discard.  

What further has happened, of course, is that President Donald Trump has pissed off too many people and organizations.  Then, former judge Roy Moore (wearing the hat) of Alabama is implicated in a pervert scandal that appears now to jeopardize coverage of the Senate seat once held by Jeff Sessions.  Should Democrat Doug Jones beat Moore (a Sunday poll shows him ahead, 46-42), Republicans will still have a Senate advantage:  51 Republicans, 47 Democrats and two Independents, Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  

Those above developments alone should not shake the Republican Party much.  What could decimate the order, however, is becoming pretty clear:
  • Moore actually beats Jones in Alabama, and this election will occur on December 12.  What will the Republicans do?
  • President Trump is indicted for his role in affecting the Presidential election.  Plus, we are now living in different times, known as the post-Weinstein sexual era, for there remains those sexual misconduct allegations:
Donald Trump, an American businessman and current President of the United States, has been accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping, by at least fifteen women since the 1980s.

There will be many more accusations unfolding, and might add that a couple of years before being elected U.S. Senator, Al Franken was accused of similar "manly" actions by a radio anchor.  He apologized, but the talk is that he could well be kicked out of the U.S. Senate.  President Trump?  He is still considering suing those 15 those possible liars.  He certainly won't be booted from the White House, but this is a minor matter compared to cooperating with the Russians last year.


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