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Saturday, November 18, 2017


My Chapter 1 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity was entitled, CRIME AND WARS.  Even though the Kindle version only costs $3.99, you don't need to buy the book, for this blog site began serializing that chapter with Ending Crime and War Forever.  However, there was very little about sexual predation in this publication, a depravity that until Harvey Weinstein and religious clerics, was generally shrouded by society.

Two years ago, it was reported that just for U.S. Catholic churches, priest sex abuse had cost them MORE THAN $2.3 BILLION ANNUALLY FOR THE PAST THREE DECADES.  Multiplying those numbers, you get a figure of $69 billion.

Then again, maybe it's not so bad, for USA Today in 2013 reported that there have been 6,905 accused priests since 1950, 16,463 victims and "only" $2.5 billion in settlements.  As the USA has 5% of the world population, you'd need to multiply those above figures by, maybe not 20, but a significant number.

And you know this exploitation has been occurring all throughout history by clerics of every religion.  In some Muslim countries, for example, this could well be accepted practice.  Further, sexual predation is hardly the monopoly of the religious sector.
However, this notoriety somehow never affected predators in other professions, until Harvey Weinstein, who is now up to 80 accusers.  What he did was to remove the shame of victims in the U.S., and, perhaps world, too.  Woody Allen's escapade might have been history, but he does have a new film coming out, and who knows...  Arnold  Schwarzenegger says he is just a naturally rowdy guy.  You couldn't have missed Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, but new in the spotlight:

  • Director James Toback (right), almost 300 women--said they're pathetic liars
  • Author and TV analyst Mark Halperin, 8 accusers--promises to make amends
  • Chef John Besh, more than two dozen--he said everything was consensual
  • Director Oliver Stone (right), whose victims were a Playboy Bunny and actress Patricia Arquette--has not said much in response
  • Former New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier--has apologized to his victims
  • Actor/Director Ben Afleck, groped women on the red carpet, including a reporter--has apologized
  • Former editor of Artforum Knight Landesman, nine--not sure if he, or his victims, wrote an open letter
  • Actor James Woods, tried to pick up on actress Elizabeth Perkins when she was 16 and he was in his 50's--no comment
  • Creator of Nickelodeon Chris Savino, about a dozen--I am deeply sorry and ashamed
  • BOB WEINSTEIN, Harvey's brother, with only one accuser--denied through lawyer
  • Director Lars von Trier, who was accused by actress Bjork
  • Comedian Andy Dick, known to have indecently exposed himself, groped and licked women--said he might have licked, but never groped anybody
  • Actor/Producer Jeremy Piven, accused by actress Ariane Bellman of groping her breasts--unequivocally denied anything
  • Actor Louis C.K. (right), masturbated in front of at least five women, plus--yes, I'm guilty, so his I Love You, Daddy film scheduled to be released yesterday was shelved--only got a 38% Rotten Tomatoes reviewers rating, anyway
  • Actor Kevin Spacey, accused by actor Anthony Rapp of sexual advances when he was 14 and Spacey 26--he not only apologized but "came out"
  • Produced Brett Ratner, six women, mostly actresses--denied everything
    • Actor Dustin Hoffman, sexually harassed a production assistant--no reported response
    • Actor and musician Ed Westwick, three women of serious sex assault--no response
    • former President George H.W. (the father) Bush, groped at least seven women--has sincerely apologized
    So we now come to those political headlines:
    • Senator Al Franken:  wrong, dumb, he apologized, she accepted, a non issue, but perhaps the Democratic Party might want to kick him out of the Senate, or he could place a lot of heat on President Trump by doing so himself, to make Democrats look good next November, as the Minnesota governor is a Democrat and will name another Democrat as replacement.  There is now more than one Franken victim, but the Donald has 16, a few worthy of impeachment.
    • Former judge Roy Moore:  will lose his sure-shot seat for U.S. Senator because he made inappropriate sexual advances on a 14-year old girl almost forty years ago.  This issue will seriously damage Republican efforts to retain control of Congress and the White House.
    • President Donald Trump: truly serious allegations, with the payoffs and judicial compromises now re-surfacing.  He has been accused of rape three times, with one victim only 13 years old.  Sixteen women have been victims of our President.  That underage rape incident could well be why he gets impeached.  The prospects of Robert Mueller nailing Trump also cannot be discounted.  In any case, the odds are high now that he will not finish his term.  Betting.Betfair now has Trump's early exit more likelier than not.  Kathy Griffin got fired for showing Donald Trump's head.  Shame she won't be on CNN with Anderson Cooper for their New Year's Eve telecast.  Looks like her replacement will be Andy Cohen, his "best" friend.
    Where are the female sexual predators, anyway?  You know they exist, for it is reported that more than half of male college students in one study reported at least one sexual victimization experience since age 16.  Half of the perpetrators were female.  One reason is that 86% of victims of female sexual predators aren't believed, so most crimes go unreported.  Then there, is that hmm, it wasn't so bad, after all, attitude of men everywhere, sort of a Mrs. Robinson type of relationship.

    The Guardian has written that up to 64,000 women in the UK are child-sex offenders.  So as that country is slightly less that 1% the world population, make that 6.4 million female child-sex offenders the world over.  Unless the UK is unique.  When was the last major scandal you read about one of them?

    Ah, in desperation, I finally found one.  In the list of 35 famous people charged with sex crimes, Britney Spears was the sole female.  A former bodyguard claimed the pop star flashed him and invited him into her bedroom when she was nude.  Check on that list.  Interesting.

    The bottom line is that social standards change, and tolerable practices in the past, as immoral as they might have nevertheless been, might not be so today.  But there remain a few universal lines you just cannot cross that can prove fatal. What will ultimately exonerate Spears and Franken legally will not apply to Moore and Trump, the former because he was 32 and she was 14, but for Trump, rape is rape, especially if this was a virgin of 13.  What could once be shunted aside because of power and money can return to haunt, as these Trump passive victims have now been transformed into piranhas with seasoned lawyers.


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