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Saturday, April 5, 2014


The Waikiki Sheraton is one of my very favorite hotels.  I'm staying here to recuperate from my ordeal of moving into 15 Craigside.  But I made it, and both the TV and computer now work, too.

Of all the Starwood Executive Club views, the Leahi Club's is the best:

Last night was Friday, so there were fireworks from the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Leahi view looking Ewa:

So, back to my room, here is the night view of Waikiki Beach:

I thought that red volcanic light looked interesting:

Looking down to the pool area:

So tonight I went to Suntory.

Daryl has been serving me for 23 years:

I presently store two bottles there:  a Tanqueray gin and Suntory whiskey.  Eileen's technique with my sukiyaki was well choreographed:

I passed on a terrific opportunity to Eileen:

I asked her, for above are two versions of green teas, what do you know about expresso made from tea instead of coffee?  She never heard of such a thing.  That was the opportunity.  She should move on with her life as an entrepreneur for the next great caffeine purveyor:  teapresso.  Like my rainbow pearl necklaces and coffee that smells like coffee, I've long thought that a more concentrated tea had some promising potential, for tea is supposedly healthier than coffee.

Well, tomorrow I begin my next travel odyssey.  Not quite the 52-day MUGA, but a fantasy, nevertheless.


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