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Thursday, April 10, 2014

MUFA Day #4: Bangkok Massage and the JW Marriott

This has been a terrific day!  The breakfast buffet was great:

There are stations for American, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and carvings/omelettes.  I way overate.

Most importantly, I decided to leave Bangkok tomorrow to beat the possible protests this weekend.  However, as United Airlines now has an alliance with Marriott, and the Sheraton Grand Sukhamvit is in disarray, I moved into the JW Marriott, just down Sukhamvit from the Sheraton Grand.

First, the staff of the Grand, and especially Yuri, the concierge, was incredible in arranging for my early departure from Bangkok and even graciously helping me move into the JW.  The JW, it turned out, is superior to the Grand in many ways.  I'll get into that later.

After checking in, I crossed the connection to a new building and had a haircut, manicure and pedicure.  Then, I thought, why not, and entered:

I had a foot and Thai massage.  I'm baffled why I continue, but a foot massage has always been painful for my sensitive body.  Again, I wondered why I was paying for torture.  Yet, this version was different, as most foot/reflexology massages stop at the ankle, while this one went to the top of the leg, with a nice treatment of the knees, for I really hurt there.  The whole body improvement process took three hours and cost…you won't believe this…$38, including the haircut, manicure and pedicure.

The executive club at the JW is better than the three-bar composite of the Grand, and even superior to the Tokyo Westin.  I only had a Johnny Walker Black with ice.  Then, on to the New York Steakhouse, the signature restaurant of the JW.  I was the first there at 7PM, but the place got almost full at the end.

I started with a Caesar Salad and Escargot.  Eve made the perfect CS:

I had a Proseccco.  Note my name in the background, a nice touch:

The main course was a 7 ounce Matsuzaka beef with garlic onions and rice, plus a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon:

The Matuzaka was more expensive than the Kobe.  The meal was fine, but the steak was kind of thin, garlic onions way overdone and rice was Thai.  For this price, a Niigata variety should have been served.  Then, too, the wine must have been opened a couple of days ago, so they replaced it.  This meal cost twice as much as my room here.  A great day in Bangkok, nevertheless.


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