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Thursday, April 10, 2014


This will be Day 5 of My Ultimate Fantasy Adventure.  I'm flying from Bangkok to Tokyo and will continue the reportage on Day 6.

A year ago I posted on:

Well, times have apparently changed, and so quickly.  The New York Times just published an article entitled:

  Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95%

This year Stanford University attained an all-time low of 5% acceptances, the second year in a row where the national odds were the worst for admittance.  There were 42,167 applications, and the good news only went to 2,138.  Harvard and Yale accepted 6%, Columbia and Princeton 7%, and MIT and University of Chicago 8%.  A generation ago, the lowest ranged in the vicinity of 20%.

Here is more depressing news.  For the Stanford class of 2017, here were your chances of being accepted with high school:
  • grade point average 4.0 or above = 7%
  • SAT reading score 800 = 14% (mind you, this is perfect)
  • SAT math score 800 = 10% (same)
  • ACT composite score 30-36 = 7%
Let me repeat:  if you were in high school and essentially got only A's or better, you only had a 7% chance of being accepted.  And if you got a perfect math score on your college boards, you ONLY had a 10% chance.  If you transferred after the first year, a measly 1.9% of all applicants were accepted.

One benefit of not getting into Stanford, though, is that you won't have a tree as a mascot:


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