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Friday, April 25, 2014


It was two days since my last sit-down restaurant meal, that awful cow tongue surprise in Sendai, so I asked my hotel advisor what was the best place to eat in Aomori.  She recommended Mitsuishi, located just a few steps away.  This was the best $35 Japanese meal I've ever had, the price including beer.  

The decor was typical Japanese, with people mostly in groups in separate rooms.  There is a large sake bar where diners also sit.  I got the only available seat left.

The feast started with a cold seafood assortment:

As the average price of my Westin (Tokyo, Kyoto and Sendai) breakfast buffets was $35, I thought this was all I was going to be served.  Nope.  First salmon and marinated onions.

Then some sort of tempura tofu, I think:

Followed by a giant bowl of teriyaki-type fish with boiled radish and asparagus:

There was so much, I couldn't finish it.  Then came the rice with ikura (salmon eggs), miso soup and tsukemono:

Finally a dessert dish:

If you're ever in Aomori, go to Mitsuishi for dinner.


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