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Sunday, April 27, 2014

MUFA Day#21: Yoyogi Park and Lawry's

Last night, a large green area dominated my view from New York Grill.  This was Yoyogi Park.  So today, I took a long walk around this recreation area.  People were:
  • Having picnics

           Long hot dogs were popular.
  • Entertaining

           Yes, there were a lot of Elvis impersonators.
  • Protesting

           A very long LGBT parade.
  • Dressing to gain attention

Walking back to the Westin through Yebisu Garden Place, I noticed a photo opportunity (Robuchon's is that French mansion, with my hotel in the background.):

I peered out of my room close to sunset, and Mount Fuji finally appeared:

And a shooting star, too.   Well, maybe contrails.

For dinner, I went to Lawry's The Prime Rib, located right next door, for it just opened a week ago.  Lawry's began in Beverley Hills in 1938.  The place can sit 328.  It is huge and partnered with renowned French bakery Maison Kayser, so the bread is wonderful.  It's in the basement, so no view.  The beef is American.

I asked for a table, and they could have been more diplomatic.  They sat me in their bar and, finally, indicated that I they could sit me, but I had to leave by 8PM.  It was 6:15PM.  The saviour was Mai, who was my server.  She made my special salad...

...which, perhaps, had a bit too much dressing:

But was, nevertheless, good.  The prime rib comes in a cart.  I ordered 180 grams (same weight as my Kobe from New York Grill) medium rare with a Yebisu dark and Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon.

The beef could have been a lot hotter, and the Yorkshire Pudding was classic.  For those who are unfamiliar, YP is like the outside of a cream puff.  There were at least five happy birthday songs, so you know partly why people come here.

Now the analysis.  Which was better, New York Grill or Lawry's?  This is one of those comparisons that defy parametric assessment.  Sure, NYG cost 4 times more than Lawry's for 0.4 pound of beef.  They were both excellent, and the extra cost of NYG was worth it because of the memories. Certainly, the hour it took me to get to and back from the Park Hyatt was a negative relative to the five minutes I took to get to Lawry's and back to my room.  The problem with both meals is that I'm gaining weight, and know I won't be able to lose it on my Crystal Symphony cruise back to Hawaii in a couple of days.

I'm nearing the end of my stay in Japan.  Tomorrow, Mount Fuji.


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