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Friday, April 18, 2014


The Japan Times this morning had three articles, which if cleverly packaged, could well be a simple solution for Japan to avoid the doom:

  • GSDF (Ground Self-Defense Force) to militarize remote Yonaguni:  Yonaguni is an island about a hundred miles (south towards Taiwan) from the contested (with China) Senkaku Islands.
  • Japan, U.S. still in TPP stalemate:  the Trans-Pacific Partnership Pact is essentially a free trade agreement with the principal countries of Oceania, South America and Asia, excluding China, but including Peru, Chile and Vietnam.
  • Summit statement may skip Senkakus:  quoting James Fannell of the U.S. Pacific Fleet

China Is Preparing For "Short And Sharp" War With Japan Over Disputed East China Sea Islands

President Barack Obama will be stopping through Japan in a few days.  After a lifetime of haggling over Japanese tariffs on rice, beef and other farm products, now could be the ideal moment for a monumental agreement to eliminate all import taxes.  The carrot could be the USA siding with Japan on the Senkaku Islands dispute.  Thus, Japan can use the funds now to be set aside to fight China, and provide aid to Japanese farmers, whose lands can then be sold to stimulate economic development.

How much simpler can it get?  
  1. Japan becoming a model trade nation by eliminating all import taxes.
  2. Japan reducing its military budget to help farmers and Fukushima.
  3. The USA agreeing to protect Japan in any issues with China...which will be honored anyway.
  4. Japan would be "allowed" to purchase a few defense items, such as ships and planes, thus making Obama popular with the Military-Industrial Complex.
Today I take a four hour roundtrip train ride to Matsumoto to visit Pearl's Gold Koi.  Return for the rest of the story.

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