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Saturday, April 26, 2014

MUFA Day#20: A Nostalgic Dinner at the New York Grill of the Park Hyatt Hotel

New York Grill is very popular in Tokyo.  I was fortunate to get a table tonight, a Saturday.  The restaurant is on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel, one of my favorites, which was the setting for Lost in Translation, with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.  The film, released a little more than decade ago, gained a 95% reviewer's rating in Rotten Tomatoes, an Oscar for Sofia Coppola for Original Screenplay.  She was also director.

I started in the New York Bar (this is where Murray picked up the entertainer) with a gin martini on a large chunk of ice with olives.  Note the three kinds;

The view and food combination at the New York Grill is unmatched:

Even with a late reservation, I got the best table in the restaurant.  In honor of Sofia Coppola's father, I had a glass of Francis Coppola Syrah Diamond Collection Green Label Syrah-Shiraz:

I started with an excellent Caesar Salad:

This room has drastically changed.  Here now:

That bright spot in the background is the setting sun.

It was twenty years ago, I was staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel, and New York Grill first opened.  This whole area above was a grill/work area, and I sat right at the grill only a few feet away from my table today.  Here is their steak list:

I had a 0.4 pound piece of Kobe Prime Cut for around $155:

It was spectacular...and cheap, when you consider the following photo in the basement of Mitsukoshi next door:

The price to the right is a bit more than $230/pound.  I took a final look at my view:

According to Trip Advisor, New York Grill is the 5th best restaurant of nearly 5,000 in Shinjuku, where the Park Hyatt is located.  #1 is Ishikawa.  Never heard of it.  #1 in Tokyo, of 44,506 restaurants, is Shimoneseki Shunpanro.  Never heard of it.

I ended my evening at Compass Rose, where I had my Yoichi 20-year old on one rock, which, actually, was not semi-spherical, but spherical:

I shown by Yoji to my favorite seat with a view of Tokyo Tower:

And a Montecristo, prepared by Yoji:

Another great day in Japan.  I might end by indicating that the cost of my room tonight and that steak dinner is more, maybe much more, than four days of of everything on my trip to Sendai and Aomori.


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