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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


1.  I begin with Erin Burnett, who you might not know.  She begins her career with CNN next Tuesday in OutFront, a globe-trotting Jason Bourne (think of a female Matt Damon via Robert Ludlum) video journalist who came from CNBC and is better looking than Christiane Amanpour, Geraldo Rivera and Cooper Anderson.  Okay, if you clicked on that, that's not why I think she will do well. I guess it has to do with the chemistry potential of a personality who brought understated sex into a business format.  There are 8 ways to impress her.

2.  Ryan Gosling is not a movie star, but shows promise for becoming a superstar.  How he can shift from total cool in Crazy, Stupid Love to unaffected in Drive is remarkable.  Let's see how he does with George Clooney in The Ides of March, to be released on October 7.  He's had the prerequite list of past flames in Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams.  Is probably a Mormon.  In the first grade he was suspended for throwing steak knives during recess, was prescribed Ritalin and was mostly home schooled, although he dropped out of high school. He for two years barely performed on the TV cast of The Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.  He was nominated for an Oscar in Half Nelson and sings.

3.  Rick Perry leads the Republican presidential candidates today, but he has so many flaws that you got to wonder why.  President Obama was kind at the beginning, and will be smart to say nothing more, for he can count on:

  a.  Ann McFeatters (Scripps Howard)  Just before he decided that God wanted him to run for president, Perry held a huge daylong Christian revival in Houston’s Reliant Stadium where he said that this nation must rely on God to solve its problems. The event was bankrolled by the anti-gay American Family Association and supported by a host of controversial evangelical Christians.

  b.  Roya Wolverson (TIME):  Rick Perry's war against government suffers from funny math.

  c.  Nicholar Confessore and Michael Luo (New York Times):  Rick Perry is a sleazy business as usual politician.

  d.  Quote from Perry, social security is a Ponzi scheme.

These generally liberal publications would be expected to react thusly, but, Michelle Malkin, a conservative blogger and Fox News regular warns, "don't trust Perry's Tea Party Ties."

Mr. President, don't even think about commenting on Governor Perry's remarks on God, prayer and evolution.  However, as, perhaps, an overwhelming percentage of Americans believe in some afterlife, maybe this is a political ploy.  Clearly, I need to someday soon give greater exposure to some other Republican misfits, probably beginning with Congressman Ron Paul (looking younger in his relative youth with another Ron, the intellectual founder of the Tea Party and a medical doctor who is #3 behind #1 Perry and #2 Mitt Romney), Michelle Baumann and Sarah Palin.  These polls mean nothing today, but USA Today/Gallup reported today that Perry leads Romney, but Romney would beat Obama.

Shifting to TV entertainment, I followed my recommendations posted on Sunday about the Emmys and watched New Girl last night with the adorkable Zooey Deschanal and as I also was curious about why Jim Parsons won an Emmy for the Big Bang Theory because I never heard of that name before and never watched it before, I did.  A second character, Johnny Galecki, was also nominated for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series, and they were competing against Steve Carell, Alex Baldwin and Matt LeBlanc.  Loved both programs, and now know why Parsons prevailed.  I like to think that I think like his uber geek-genius character.  I'll be back for both next week.

Incidentally, I was disappointed with the Hawaii Five-0 Monday night second season premier for several serious technical flaws, which few probably even noticed.  A couple of added surprises and new actors, but note that the program got only one inconsequential nomination for the Emmys.

The Dow Jones Industrials had a 328 point swing today, doing well until the Federal Reserve did not say much about QE3, no, not a third ship, but quantitative easing.  Thus, the Treasury will not pump even more money into the economy, thus sinking the Dow down 284 to 11,125.  World markets were also mostly down.  Gold fell $18/toz to $1782 while WTI oil is at $86/barrel and Brent at $111/barrel.

Earlier last month S&P downgraded America's debt rating, the first time this has ever happened.  Today, Moody's cut the debt rating of Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup.  Is this just the beginning.

Typhoon Roke rolled over Japan, but, apparently only broke a camera at Fukushima.  In the Atlantic Tropical Storm Ophelia is following the same track as the previous few hurricanes, but computer models are uncertain about the future:

Tropical Storm Hillary will become a hurricane on Friday, but might not make landfall:


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