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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The answer is yes, a cantaloupe is hermetically sealed.  However this latest health scare involving the listeria bacteria, is generally found on the ground (although up to 10% of us naturally carry this germ in our intestinal tract) and can adhere to tiny crevices outside the canteloupe.  If you don't sufficiently wash well--and who does, really, as no one actually eats the thick skin--in the cutting process, some of the transferred microbes can contaminate the flesh, then you.

Thirteen (nope, up to 16 now and counting, yet, not as bad as the 21 hot dog deaths in 1998, also caused by listeria) people have been confirmed to succumb to listeria from the cantaloupes originating from Jensen Farm in Colorado.  There are contradictory reports on whether all Rocky Ford cantaloupes can be trusted.  One additional problem is that the incubation period could be as long as a month or more, so the worst is probably yet to come.  As this fruit was shipped to 25 states, you're never sure if you're really safe.  On plus side for most of you is that the average age of death from this incident is 78.  Thus, if you're really old, avoid cantaloupes for the next few weeks.

The Dow Jones Industrials fell 180 to 11,011.  There was more than a 300 point swing today as the market is volatile.  Markets in the Orient were fine, but the rest of the world went negative.  Gold is crashing, another $49/toz to $1591.  Just a couple of weeks ago the talk was, maybe, $2000.  Both the dated Brent and WTI fell about 3 to 4 bucks, the Brent now at $105/barrel and the WTI at $81/barrel.

Typhoon Nesat, after pummeling the Philippines, will next strike Hainan Island, then move into Vietnam.  The new worry is Tropical Storm Nalgae, now at 65 MPH, but soon to attain hurricane force status, and is predicted to hit the north end of the Philippines as a Category 2 storm.


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