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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sometimes you want your predictions to be wrong.  Doomsday, for example, is something I don't want, but I fear the worst.  Death...well, that will come for me, and you.  But I picked the Silhouttes to win, and, instead, it was Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., my favorite, with Anna Graceman.  Landau, a child on welfare, homeless at 19, finding himself to become a car washer, then raising a family of four and, now, at the age of 37, selected as the supreme American new talent of the year.  His wish is to buy his family a home.  With a million dollars and a show (with the other three finalists and selected others) at Caesar's Palace on October 28, 29 and 30, he can now live out his dream.

Click on the final four performance to watch how they performed the previous night.

The two hour finale of America's Got Talent was fabulous:

  -  Landau and Patti Labelle
  -  Def Leppard

  -  Team iLuminate with Cobra Starship:   the potential of the two combining on a tour is intriguing.

-  Best of the Worst

-  Poplyfe with Stevie Wonder:  that would be something if the two perform in a TV special.

  -  One Republic
  -  the Silhouettes with LeAnn Rimes
  -  Cirque du Soleil

-  Jackie Evancho has been my favorite from the beginning, but, granted, this is season 6, and I only started watching from last year.  Here she is in 2011, that 11 year old a year after finishing #2 last year:

Watch the whole Finale.  Now, on to Season 7.


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