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Saturday, September 17, 2011


I had two great meals, first, lunch at Shokudo, well attended by Yakuza Yooey.  Nah, nicely tattooed, but I don't think they allow females into that organization.  I had a sake flight of junmai daiginjo Kubota Manjyu (Niigata), junmai daiginjo Dassai 50 
(Yamaguchi) and junmai Otokoyama (Hokkaido), a bit pricey for three tiny cups.  Also a glass of Kirin beer.  The dishes were Tori gomoku sticky rice, a sashimi sampler and clam miso soup.

Then an OTEC dinner with Yoko and Toshitsugu Sakou, chairman of all the important ocean organizations in Japan, and Rob Varley of Lockheed Martin.  We started with drinks at House Without a Key: 

Note that the background is the same as shown in my blog photo.  Then a gorgeous sunset:

Followed a couple of minutes later by a spectacular green flash, seen for the first time in their lives by Yoko, Toshi and Rob.  The dinner discussion continued for more than three hours:

We had neighbors from Japan celebrating an anniversary, and they shared with us their cake:

My dessert was, I think, free (as were a few other items, like champagne, an amusement and after dinner candies):

And the best part was the Domaine La Tour Vielle Banyuls Rimage, a fortified Grenache. 

I should add that we worked out the strategy for Japan and the U.S. to work together for the commercialization of OTEC.  Perhaps Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and President Barack Obama might get involved.

Typhoon Sonca at 75 MPH and Tropical Storm Roke at 70 MPH, set to become a typhoon, popped up east of Japan.  Sonca looks to move away from Japan, but Roke could make landfall as soon as midweek.


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