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Saturday, September 10, 2011


The Huffington Post was co-founded by Arianna Stasinopoulos (original last name) Huffington (married former Congressman Michael Huffington in 1986, but divorced him in 1997, the year before he came out as being bisexual) in May of 2005.  Thus, she is from Greece, ran for California Governor as an independent, showed Republican-Libertarian leanings during her marriage, and now runs a liberal news website.  

I was accepted into the HuffPo club in May of 2008 with my posting on "Well, Barack, We have a Problem..," and have published just about 100 articles.  Earlier this year, AOL acquired The Huffington Post for $315 million, but Arianna continued her editor in chief status.

Although HuffPo has paid reporters, the great majority of contributors, around 9,000, do it for free.  However, in April, a suit was filed by Congressional candidate Jonathan Tasini in New York seeking $109 million for these pro bono souls, meaning, I guess, that I could someday add $11,600 to my bank account.  That would average out to about $100/article.  Clearly, though, I am doing this with a spirit of saving Planet Earth and Humanity, and the financial factor is irrelevant.  

More than that, though, there is something about instant reporting that is lacking in weekly magazines and daily newspapers.  I treat protest marches as now far more powerful a social weapon, for they can now be orchestrated by Twitter, Facebook and, even HuffPo.  I haven't quite figured out, though, how, exactly, to galvanize action.  Anyone out there...GIVE ME A CLUE!

I get around 250 viewers on any given day, although nearly 4,000 clicked on my 27February2010 entitled, "The Chile Earthquake."  I reported on the tsunami coming to Hawaii.  The remarkable part of this posting is that I did this from Amsterdam, viewing the feeds of Hilo Bay and Waikiki Beach on CNN.  A similar factor of ten uptick occurred on 11March2011 when I wrote on "Tsunami Coming from Japan to Hawaii."  Again, though, it was CNN that served as my eyes as I posted this article from Bangkok.  After all these years mostly living in Hawaii I have not yet seen anything close to a tsunami, although when I was in high school my island of Oahu had a 50 foot run-up at Kahuku from one of those Alaskan mega-earthquakes.  But I was at least half a mile from the seashore that day.

The Guardian ranks The Huffington Post as the #1 blog site.  Representing the shift in media from home delivered newspapers to the internet, The Economist rated HuffPo as the most popular news website, beating out CBS, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc.:

Note that HuffPo edged out CBS News because of their link to Facebook.  These social networks are also changing the nature of reportage.

There are six ocean storms and disturbancies, but none appears to pose any significant threat:


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