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Monday, September 12, 2011


Got to give credit to Guy Toyama, for he, his staff and supporters,  including his wife, Rika, organized a monumental ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) revival at the Gateway Center of the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii  Authority at Keohole Point on the Big Island of Hawaii.  For the first time, ever, all the key principles of OTEC convened and said all the right things to assure for the future of this technology.  Later today I'll report on the final agreements.

For now, here are a few photos:

Mayor Billy Kenoi was a key figure in planning for the gathering:

Mayor Choukou Taira of Kumejima Town, Okinawa and his staff, all in aloha or kariyushi attire, also participated:

The sister city signing ceremony was particularly memorable:

Andie Gill, looking a lot better than him, represented Governor Neil Abercrombie:

There was Desikan Bharathan of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, who I had not seen in a very long time, was there:

The list of participants was impressive, but I won't mention who they were for fear of leaving someone out.  Maybe you'll see them somewhere in the signing ceremony:

Tomorrow, the results.

I celebrated another great sunset at the Sheraton from the Manta Ray bar:

And finished the day with some terrific bar food:

Just another great day in Hawaii.  Oh, the tenth  anniversary of 9/11 came and went.  A Todd Heisler photo:

This was the first Sunday for the NFL, and if you don't know what that stands for, good for you.



Guy@NELHA said...

Pat, I thank you for coming and facilitating this OTEC Workshop. I truly enjoyed your participation and this workshop was extra special because you were there. This is not my own comments, but those of all the OTEC advocates and developers there.

And Rika must take credit for the success of the workshop, along with our wonderful County of Hawaii that "get's it."

Mahalo, Pat and we'll see you soon.

A Blue Revolutionist


Actually, I should thank you for involving me in the discussions. I've avoided these types of sessions since I retired, and was somewhat surprised too learn that I am not yet totally obsolete.

Looks like that Makai Ocean Engineering OTEC Research Facility could well gain a turbo-generator to produce up to 100 kW. However, they should have named it the Makai Ocean Engineering OTEC Test Bed.

NELHA will need to really get its act together, though, and quickly, for any one megawatt OTEC program. So much has not yet been decided.