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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I remember I Love Lucy and the Ed Sullivan Show in those early days of television when people actually religiously watched these and other programs each week, in black and white.  I might now and then view America's Got Talent, some nostalgic revival on public TV and Hawaii Five-O, but I just can't find time to devote to any weekly series.  However, here comes the Emmy, almost as old as me, first happening in 1949.  There are now several types of Emmy programs, but the dominate one is for tonight's prime-time shows.  Click that to get the details.

At the beginning the term Immy was suggested, in honor of the early image orthicon camera, but, as the statuette selected (modeled by the wife of a television engineer) was female, they feminized the name to Emmy.  By the way, hardly anyone notices this, but Emmy, with wings, is holding what was 62 years ago thought to be a model of an atom.  She is almost seven pounds, is partially gold and manufactured by the same company of Oscar (8.5 pounds).

Okay, who remembers, or cares, that the host last year was Jimmy Falon, and that the HBO miniseries The Pacific (got 24 nominations and gained "only" eight) won the most awards, while ABC's Modern Family gained the most comedy Emmys?  Modern Family should (and did) repeat.  It will be hosted by Jane Lynch of Glee, now well established as the second Ellen DeGeneres, or female version of Neil Patrick Harris, who hosted two years ago.

If you're already bored, this is why I have never watched this program, ever.  Well, maybe tonight I might, even though the beginning (the programs goes on and on for four hours) will clash with Michael Vick and the Eagles against Matt Ryan and the Falcons.  To further draw potential viewers, the producer will be Mark Burnett, who will insert as much raunchiness into the programming as NBC lawyers will allow.  Who is Burnett?  A very infamous reality producer.

By the way, the new TV season starts this week, meaning:

  -  Hawaii Five-O on Monday

  -  New Girl (Zooey Deschanel to the right) which shows promise, following Glee, on Tuesday.

-  Wednesday and Thursday this week, the American version of X-Factor (yes, Simon Cowell is back, with Paula Abdul, Hawaii's Nicole Scherzinger--left, who really is part-Hawaiian and is the former lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls and last year winner of Dancing with the Stars--and someone named L. A. Reid)  premiering.  X-Factor, like American Idol, began in the U.K. as Britain's Got Talent.  You've to click on this one, with Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Susan Boyle, who was listed on her first audition as unemployed, even lower on the social ladder than Landau.


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