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Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was surprised with a birthday cake at a gathering of family and friends to watch the University of Hawaii football team beat the University of Colorado, 34-17:

Sunday is movie day, so I went to two obscure films:

1.  Seven Days in Utopia (filmed in Utopia, Texas) was another surprise, because I did not realize it was all about golf, although it was a bit plodding and, appropriately enough, equivalent to a 108 minute Sunday sermon.  Semi-wonderful for Christian sport fans in the Bible Belt.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it a very generous 60%.  For the very few of you who bothered to go to this film, the end is a teaser for clicking on to see if the final putt was made.  If you linked, you will feel like Charlie Brown.

2.  Project NIM, produced by the team responsible for Man on Wire, is about Man's inhumanity to Chimpanzees, earning an 85% rating from Rotten Tomatoes and a spectacular 97% score on the Tomatoemeter.  Noam Chomsky's view was that only humans possessed language. This documentary attempted to disprove that thesis in a Columbia University experiment that took a 2 week old chimp, named Nim Chimpsky (a play on Noam Chomsky) from her mother to live with a family and learn sign language.  You've heard of Washoe (another chimpanzee) and Koko (a 40 year old gorilla who is supposed to move to Maui).  Yes, there is communication, but is this language?  Then again, what about Planet of the Apes?  Oh, that's just a movie.


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