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Monday, March 2, 2015


A little more than two years ago I posted on two topics featuring Jewish Americans.  First, their dominance in Broadway songwriting.  The second was a lot more sensitive, and had to do with a clear imbalance of ethnic representation in Ivy League schools.  At one time Jews were discriminated against in those institutions, but today, with the leadership primarily Jewish, an absolute reversal has occurred.  There are now "too many" enrolled there, with an almost embarrassing lack of Asians.

Yesterday in the Star-Advertiser, Frank Shyong, a Los Angeles Times reporter, wrote an article indicating that college admissions are rigged against ethnic Asians.  Highlighting a 2004 (note that this was more than a decade ago) Princeton University study on the Scholastic Aptitude Test:
  • African-Americans receive a bonus of 230 points.
  • Hispanics = +185 point
  • Asian-Americans = - 50 points

Mind you, this was some time back, but there is a simple way to test whether there is racial discrimination against Asians.  In California, test scores determine entrance to the top state universities.  There is an overabundance of Asians in those schools, way beyond their average population percentage.  In Ivy League schools, it is clear that certain universities apply other criteria to balance their enrollment. 

Mind you, while school systems around the world, especially Asia, ONLY use college entrance scores to select students, there is some sense to utilizing other parameters, such as potential for leadership and a range of other attributes to determine selection.  In a way, this is what particularly aggravates successful parents of Asian students, for they go way out of their way not only to score well and get good grades, but they also volunteer to help the community, play a variety of sports, hold class offices and the like to improve their chances.

I'll close by inserting a section of the information I used in my posting of two years ago.  Keep in mind that the focus was on Jewish students:
  • Take California:  with 3.3% of the population, 4-5% of National Merit Scholars (NMS) are Jewish; the 13% Asians garnered 57%  the NMS awards.
  • In New York, with 8.4% of the population, 21% of NMS; the 6% Asians got 34%.
  • All things considered, there should be five Asians for every Jew in Ivy League Schools, and at Caltech there are 5.5% Jewish students and 39% Asians, while in the five most selective California universities, 8% Jewish and 40% Asians.  Not so for the Ivies, where the Jewish population is 40% higher.

  • During the 1970's, well over 40% of the top Math Olympiad students were Jewish.  Since 2000 only 2.5% have been Jewish.
  • The most prestigious mathematics competition for American college students is the Putnam Exam.  Prior to 1950, 40% of winners were Jewish.  Since 2000 this percentage declined to 10%, but not one Jewish name in the top 40 students over the past seven years.
  • Regarding the Science Talent Search (once called Westinghouse, now Intel), which has been awarded since 1942, Jewish students got more than 20% of the prizes through the 80's, which declined to 15% in the 2000's, but in 2010 was only 7%.  Then, more recently, only one Jew among 30 awardees.  
  • In the Physics Olympiad, from 25% in the 1986-1997 period, down to 5% during the past decade.
  • There has been no Biology Olympiad Jew the past three years and zero also for the Chemistry Olympiad the past two years.
  • To quote:  "Taken in combination, these trends all provide powerful evidence that over the last decade or more there has been a dramatic collapse in Jewish academic achievement...
  • The suspicion is that Jewish students today are not as diligent in work habits.  Those that did well in more recent academic olympiads were immigrants from the Soviet Union.  Thus, the situation is even worse for "American" Jews.
  • The "white" race has also academically collapsed!!!
The final bullet points out that, effectively, the "white race" of Americans has academically tanked, and college admission officials are reacting to this decline by attempting to balance their incoming class to more closely represent the actual population mix.  Is this what equal rights are all about or not?  It is pretty clear that college admissions are rigged against Asians, and the excuse is that the rights of other Americans need to be protected.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke an all-time high, up 156 to 18,289.  Why?  consumer attitudes have improved and Apple is hinting about exciting new gear to be announced next week.


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