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Sunday, March 1, 2015


The age of a city, of course, depends on a variety of historical factors.  Honolulu, for example, was settled some time in the 11th century.  Are we, then 1000 years old?  King Kamehameha I headquartered in Waikiki from 1804, so perhaps we are 200+ years old.  Our incorporation date was 30April1907, so that was only a little more than a century ago.

In history texts, the European version of the beginning usually prevails, as for example, the Portuguese arrived in 1502, 500 French colonists in 1555 and the city of Rio was named by Portugal on 1March1565 as Sao Sebastian do Rio de Janeiro.  Anyway, Happy 550th Birthday Rio, which I previously described as "The Happiest and Most Beautiful City in the World."  

Just behind the statue of Christ the Redeemer, I dropped Pearl's ashes.

Click on my posting for why Rio is so happy and beautiful, but, there are several serious problems facing the city:
  • I got bitten on three fingers in a Rio de Janeiro biological park tour by what must have been a spider (recluse?). They all swelled up and looked terrible. A doctor on our tour diagnosed my ailment, and told me to just tolerate it until it ran its course. This could have been fatal, and there was a finite chance that the flesh would continue to decompose, so my survival was especially sweet, for my fingers have totally recovered. (Tauck has subsequently removed this park from their tour.)
  • Copacabana is an exceptional beach, but the past few years have seen mass beach robberies.

However, the country pulled off the 2014 World Cup--even though Brazil got embarrassed by Germany, 7-1, in the quarterfinals, and by the Netherlands, 3-0, for third place--so there is confidence that all will be well for the Olympics.  After a $26 billion make-over,  Rio should be even more beautiful:

Today I went to Lily's 3 year birthday party at Orchids:

My posting yesterday was so memorable, that this morning I arrived into the Marukai parking lot at 7:50AM, and was ready to enter the store at 8 with a dozen others.  However, I forgot my Marukai card, so had to return to my car, and I feared those Japanese beef packages would be gone because of my negligence.  I raced over and came upon:

I purchased three packages:

Just the fat cost $10/pound, while the price of the real stuff went up from $57/pound to $79/pound:

You would think they would spell better for the cost being charged.  I have a few extravagant plans to be exalted in future postings.  Scroll down to my best steak meal, ever.


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