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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hy's Steakhouse on the first floor of the Waikiki Park Heights Hotel on Kuhio Avenue has been around since 1976.  The original Hy's opened in Calgary, Canada in 1955.  Hy Aisenstat was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, and he opened Hy's Steakhouse over a women's clothing store, knowing nothing about running a restaurant, with  help from his girlfriend, who later became his wife.  His three sons now run six operations in Canada.  I actually dined at this original soon after the Hy's in Honolulu opened.

We've started a new tradition at 15 Craigside.  This was our first fine dining outing, where our shuttle took 14 of us, led by Program Manager Cookie (in white to the right below):

Audy Kimura has been with the restaurant, I thought from the beginning, but when I went up to talk to him, he said he has been entertaining here only for 20 years or so.  His signature song is Lovers and Friends, for which he won four Na Hoku awards in 1984.  Can you believe that was almost a third of a century ago?  He wrote the theme for Hawaii Goes Fishing and Battery Bill.

It's a good thing we all dressed up (dining at 15 Craigside is usually shorts and slippers for men), for Hy's now has a strict dress code:  you need collared shirts and shoes to be admitted.  Actually, this standard will be enforced from April 1, as I didn't have any collar on my t-shirt.  But I did wear shoes.

Of course, Hy's features steaks:

We sat next to the grill and were first served their famous hot cheese bread, and got a second series of baskets:

I had a Peju Syrah, pleasant, except that two glasses cost $40 and I can buy ten bottles of Merlot or Cabernet at Whole Foods for that sum.  My first course featured escargots, which were excellent.  I then followed with a good enough Beef Wellington (the foie gras was almost nonexistent) with baked potato:

Henry across from me is the Poker Commissioner at 15 Craigside.  He has a special liking for steaks, and recommended Signature for a future outing.  I finished with a coconut creme brûlée and double expresso.  Had to take a photo of the flower girl:

I was the only one who expressed anything opprobrious about the price, and everyone enjoyed this official 15C excursion.  Next month, 53 By the Sea (below) for lunch and Royal Garden for dinner.


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