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Friday, March 13, 2015


Did you know that:
  • More than 1000 have died from the SWINE FLU in India just this year, with 20,000 cases so far?  This is a real H1N1 virus pandemic.  The state of Gujarat has the  highest death toll at 275, followed by Rajasthan with 267 and Madhya Pradesh with 160.    Delhi is located just north of Rajasthan.  Agra and the Taj Mahal are south of Delhi, while Jaipur is in Rajasthan.   Last year the State Department had an advisory for Bangalore, stating that over the last five years more than 4,000 people in India succumbed to the swine flu.  Last week the United Arab Emirates advised people to restrict travel to India, for 30% the population are Indian nationals.  No warnings yet from our State Department.  
  • Apparently, the H7N9 virus is posing a threat in China, warns the World Health Organization.  This bird flu appears to be mutating, and, the fear is a pandemic.  But there is something about the flu that panics health authorities.  Much of the current concern, originated in 2013.
  • In the year 1000, the written date in Roman numerals was DCCCCLXXXXXIX, which was simplified to M.  Thus, this year, 2015, is MMXV, while 2020 will be MMXX.  So why did the National Football League use XLIX for the Super Bowl last month?  Well, XLIX is 49, or the 49th time the game has been played.  However, next year is 50, which is L, so this will be the logo:
  • Sorry to spoil your day, but at one time, if you were worth a million, you would be wealthy.  Well, no more:  $5 Million Is the New $1 Million.  The largest bill is $100,000 with a photo of Woodrow Wilson.  In case you were wondering, though, the Department of Treasury in 1969 announced that the largest bill in circulation would be $100.

Tropical Cyclone Pam is now up to 165 MPH, with gusts exceeding 200 MPH:

Already causing damage to Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu is being seriously affected by Pam.  Interestingly enough, Tropical Storm Bavi, now at 60 MPH and heading for Guam, will remain a tropical storm until it rolls past the island, then will strengthen into a typhoon before hitting the Philippines:

What makes Bavi so unusual is that both Guam and the Philippines are well north of the Equator:

Add the rare subtropical storm called Cari off Brazil, and you have something unusual brewing on Planet Earth:

There have only been four such episodes in the region since 2011.



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