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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yes, they actually named a day after me, St. Patrick's Day, which is today.  There are 627,212 Patricks in the USA,  Do you know how rare that is?  Only 2 out of 1000 people in this country are named Patrick.  There are  17 James, 17 Johns, 16 Roberts, and 13 Michaels.  Patrick is #46.

You would think Patrick would be popular in Ireland.  Wrong.  #18, even with Padraig, Paddy and Patrick together.  The top three are Conor, Sean and Jack.  

Patrick derives from the Latin name Patricius.  Thus, Patricks are noble and patrician.

Every year on this day I post on St. Patrick, so you can track back to 2009 for the first one, which provides a historic reference to the Saint himself.  2013 was particularly noteworthy, for I featured various global landmarks in green, as for example the Leaning Power of Pisa.  Others included the Great Pyramids/Sphinx, Niagara Falls, Christ the Redeemer in Rio and the Sydney Opera House.  You can expect similar greenings this year.

Forty pounds of orange dye is tossed into the Chicago River, and the pollutants turn the water green (just joking, but the vegetable-based dye, the composition of which is a closely kept secret, undergoes a physico-chemical reaction in water and becomes this beautiful Kelly green, which is said to be perfectly safe to fish and human life--not that swimming is particularly encouraged):

Well, what about this year?
  • The world over, there were numerous greenings:  the Colosseum in Rome, the White House fountain, the Grand Ole Opry, Edinburgh Castle, London Eye and more--

  • In Hot Springs National Park, Arkansa, Irish Elvis impersonators will walk down a 98-foot-long street, which is billed as the shortest St. Patrick's Day parade.  Amazingly enough, you never heard of this spectacle, and this is their 12th annual celebration.  Hey, this is big stuff, with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, World's Largest Leprechaun...and last year Bo Derek (right) was the Grand Marshal.
  • Ah, this is now over, but Tokyo on Sunday had a St. Patrick's Day Parade, and one of the marchers was an Irish Setter dressed like Michael Jackson:

Not to be left out, Murphy's Bar and Grill in downtown Honolulu begins their 28th St. Patrick's Day lunch at 11AM to raise money for local charities.  Booths, festivities, face painting and much which cannot be legally reported here go on through the afternoon and evening.  Uber will provide free rides home up to $20 for new customers, whatever this means.  Go to, or call 808 531 0422.

Then in Waikiki, the Friends of St. Patrick in Honolulu will sponsor at noon today their 48th annual parade featuring the Royal Hawaiian Band, from Fort DeRussy to Kapiolani Park.  Everyone will then head to Kelly O'Neil's on Lewers Street for serious imbibition and entertainment by the Celtic Waves and Jason Owens.  Hard Rock Cafe will have Irish rock band Doolin' Rakes and themed drink specials from 1-4PM on Beachwalk.  The Hyatt up the road towards Diamond Head on Kalakaua will serve two-week brined corned beef cabbage with a creamy onion sauce, mustard and potatoes for only $8.  Green beer on tap for $7 and a $12 Skittles vodka martini.

Kaimuki has 12th Ave Grill providing a flight of Irish Whiskeys for $15, plus Shepherd's pie made with Niihau elk (??Elk from Niihau??).  Much more, call 808 732 9469.

If you want high end Irish cuisine, try the $35 Irish-style garden salad, corned beef and cabbage, and Bailey's ice cream at the Kahala Hotel and Resort  Add $15 for Irish beer.   Served all day and night at their restaurants. Celtic Waves entertain.  Wow, they get around.

That's not all.  15 Craigside has our St. Patrick's Day celebration, segueing into beef stew for dinner.  What...where are the corned beef and cabbage???  Oh well, who will care about cuisine when soused with Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Bushmills and Connemara Peated Malt.


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