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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I many times am inspired by the morning paper to write this blog.  Today, my intention was to continue Part 2B of The Ultimate Energy System.  However, there were four items in the Honolulu Star Advertiser that caught my attention, so I'll report just on one and provide a preview of the other three for later postings.

But first, Nancy Kelly, Pearl's cousin from Hilo, sent me a link to KHON2's coverage of Pearl's Gold Tree ceremony, my blog yesterday (just scroll down to the next posting).  Click on KHON2 to view that clip.

The headline in the Star Advertiser this morning was:

The median single-family home price rose to $675,000 in 2014.  And that is just for the average home with probably a mediocre view where commuting must be a pain.  Back in October of last year I posted on 

For just $1 million, you would get an upgraded apartment with frequent scenes of rainbows and sunsets...maybe even a green flash or two.  I have driven from this site to my office at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in seven minutes.  To the right and below are the outside and inside views.

Well, that million dollar apartment can now be had for much, much less!!!  You have a final chance to get a bargain, as the University of Hawaii Foundation is mulling over an offer that, in my mind, is way too low.  I have endowed this apartment to the University to initiate a Blue Revolution program, so I don't have much to say on what happens.  I do know that if you contact the following real estate agents...

     Abbie Ichino
     808 487 1561
     808 258-4803

     Suzettee Heely
     808 398 4282

...and bid around the median single-family resident home price mentioned above of $675,000, that will be higher than the one or two offers presently being reviewed for approval by the UH Foundation board, I think.  I am not informed of these details.  Their decision could be made as early as this week.

Getting back to rainbows, I watched this double rainbow one morning for a whole hour:

And the sunsets are truly wondrous:

According to the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization, forecasted is a further jump of the median price to $755,000 this year.  Very soon, this fabulous penthouse will  almost surely be taken.

The three other topics I will be treating this week are:
  • Death:  a bit morose, but did you know that six Americans die daily from binge drinking? Since the first Ebola case in 1976, there have been 26 outbreaks, and the average deaths/day was 0.6.  Wikipedia indicates that perhaps 1000/day succumb to flu and related symptoms.  What is really deadly?  Four thousand deaths/day on the road from traffic accidents.  Or, cardiovascular diseases:  48,000/day.
  • Continuing with this general subject, the USA supposedly has the highest incarceration rate in the world.  An article accompanying this cartoon says we should be striving for fewer prisoners, not more prisons.  I agree.  The authors indicated that education was the answer.  I again agree, but I have a fall back plan:  Three Strikes and You're Dead.
  • The fourth article this morning was:  Astronomers discover 8 Earth-like exoplanets.  I've had a bone to pick with NASA for close to forty years, when I spent some time at the Ames Research Center (which operates Kepler, right, the space observatory), for they selected a mode of detection that cannot determine the parameters for life.  I devised the Planetary Abstracting Trinterferometer (Yes, the acronym is PAT, but, why not?) which can also identify the atmosphere...more cheaply (by at least a factor of ten) and from Planet Earth.  


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