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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I saw two films this weekend, about as opposite as they can be.  American Sniper is all about a Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, who  holds the record for most sniper kills, somewhere north of 250, played by Bradley Cooper.  The movie was intense and reminded me of the 2009 The Hurt Locker.  If you went to the other end of  the plot spectrum, that would be The Hangover trilogy, also starring Cooper, who this year won his third consecutive Oscar nomination, the film, six in all, same as The Hurt Locker.  The Wedding Ringer is surprisingly entertaining, and no doubt will earn a sequel.

Rotten Tomatoes gave these ratings:

Sniper and Ringer had rather surprising endings, if not shockingly so for the former.  In five weeks Sniper has earned $200 million (budget of $59 million), and Ringer in two weeks $39 million (budget of $23 million).  PUT ALL THE OTHER BEST PICTURE NOMINEES TOGETHER THIS YEAR, AND THE GRAND BOX OFFICE TOTAL IS $221 MILLION!!  These are only domestic/Canada numbers.

Last year Mathew McConaughey lost 47 pounds in Dallas Buyers Club (93% / 91%) and won an Oscar for Best Actor.  This time around Bradley Cooper gained 40 pounds.  Will he also gain an Oscar?


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