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Sunday, January 25, 2015


I've noticed that a title with good news almost always draws fewer viewers.  On the other hand, natural disasters attract the most readers.  However, a curious thing  happened exactly a week ago, for my Sunday posting on The Merry Widow drew more than 5,000 pings, the first time this has happened, ever.  Not sure why.


  • The town of Pahoa still exists!  In fact, businesses are beginning to return.  It was three months ago that I published:  IS THIS THE END OF PAHOA?  A finger of lava was approaching the town, and extinction was imminent.  Amazingly enough, the flow continues to remain about half a mile from Highway 130.  What has happened is that lava cools and then hardens.  Thus, the front blocks up and tributaries break through upstream.  This can go on for a long to come.  There are two channels on Oceanic-Honolulu, 1128 and 128 that show two scenes of Pahoa 24/7, with continuous New Age music.  Quoting the USGS:  KÄ«lauea Volcano continues to erupt at its summit and within its East Rift Zone. Hawaii County Civil Defense this morning notes that the north-northeast advancing lobe of the June 27th lava flow remains active but still roughly 600 m (0.4 mi) from Highway 130 the area of the Pahoa Fire and Police Stations, with little significant advancement in recent days.  
          Here are two spectacular shots by Sean King, who lives in Pahoa, 
          and he says that's a moonbow below:

  • It was also just about three months ago when I posted on:  WHY ARE PEOPLE FREAKING OUT ABOUT EBOLA?  Nearly six years ago one of my Huffington Post articles was entitled: A PANDEMIC WORSE THAN THE SWINE FLU.  Basically, I both times felt that the pandemic was not the ailment itself, but the overreaction of the media.  The latest news of Ebola from the United Nations is that new cases in the three West African countries worst affected by the outbreak are declining.  There have been 21,296 cases thus far, with 8,429 deaths.  Schools are reopening and lifestyles are returning to normal.  While the UN and all its partners can take credit for checking this dangerous virus, the fact of the matter is that during the past year of this Ebola epidemic, from 250,000 to 500,000 died from the "simple" flu.


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