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Thursday, January 29, 2015


During the past six months I have made around 1000 measurements, mostly at home, but several hundred on some golf course.  I have been taking Irbesartan-HCTZ (Avalide) in the morning for more than a decade and recently added Amlodipine Besylate (Norvasc), which I take in the evening with Simvustatin.
  • My normal blood pressures are 145/85, with a rest pulse rate of 60. 
  • There is a significant jump to as high as 185/100 when I get very, very hungry.  After a meal, the pressures drop to normal.  Clearly, I should not get hungry.
  • On the third day of my cruise last year to Auckland, I measured my pressures, and saw 195/105, the highest I ever seen:
    • It was possible drinking too much and eating salty food, was causing this, so I cut back.
    • However, the pressures remained around 165/95 throughout the cruise.  
    • The pressures dropped when I walked the deck for an hour.
    • The pressures dropped when I took a hot bath.
    • I think my body does not like to be at sea, for after I landed in New Zealand, the pressures dropped to 150/90, and lower.
  • When I walk pushing a cart on a golf course:
    • My pressures always drop down to 115/75 by the 6th hole, and even as low as 85/55 when it is very  hot and I'm walking too fast, with a pulse rate of 120.  Then, the pressures by the 18th hole rise to 135/75.
    • I need to be careful about walking too fast, because I get dizzy sometimes when my pressures are low.
  • Conversely, when I exercise on a treadmill or Nu Step, my blood pressures rise with higher pulse rate, going up to 155/85 when I stress my body.  However, after five minutes of rest, the pressures can drop to 120/70.
So, in conclusion:
  • I must not get too hungry.
  • I need to be careful about walking too fast on a golf course when the temperature is high.
  • I will ask my doctor for a letter to allow me to  install a bathtub  in my apartment.  Yes, you need permission here.

Tropical Cyclone Eunice located east of Mauritius and Le Reunion in the Indian Ocean is projected to attain Category 5 status, but move away from those islands:


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