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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It has been at least a quarter century since I last had the flu.  This one is terrible:
  • It took into the third day to move my bowels.  My whole life I've done this daily.  I was  worried that food wasn't passing through my intestines, but it turned out the peristalsis rate just dropped by two.
  • Both ears have some serious pain, which makes sleeping difficult.
  • My fever is at 102 F.
  • The fever is probably why I have appetite, and when do try to eat, I get nauseous.
  • Hacking cough, causing sharp pain around my stomach.
  • General hurts at joints, muscles and teeth.
  • The death rate of people over 65 is a concern.  Up to 49,000 have died in a bad flu year.  It is not the flu per se, but more pneumonia, etc.  In comparison "only" 33,000+ died from traffic accidents in 2012
I was vaccinated.  Turns out that this precaution is only 75% effective.  That's all, folks!  I'm going to bed.  At least I'm at 15 Craigside, which is as good as a hospital, for they check on me and bring up food I order, for free.

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