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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Dear Friends:

It was six months ago that I moved out of 2101 Craigside to 15 Craigside.  During this interim, the apartment had a total makeover and I worked out an endowment to the University of Hawaii.  

The first open house will be held on: 
  • Sunday, October 5, from 2-5 PM.  
  • Park under the building entering from the Nuuanu Avenue entrance just mauka of Judd Street.  
  • The call up number is 184 to Penthouse A2.  
  • The apartment phone number is 808 523 3560.  My cell # is 808 927 0272.  
  • You can also park on Nuuanu or Judd. 
  •  Join me for some fine Stanford  wines in special titanium (instead of lead) crystal bordeaux glasses.
There are magical qualities like rainbows:

Plus sunsets:

Those were photos from the second floor.  Here is a view through the first floor living room:

Then a double rainbow from my bedroom:

I have donated the proceeds of the sale, listed for $1 million or best offer, to the University of Hawaii.  This endowment will create, in time, an International Professorship for the Blue Revolution for the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute.  

This sum is insufficient for the anticipated program, so we are seeking cost-matching from a company or individual.  Ideally, a billionaire  (or any one of you reading this) will be found to both buy the apartment and provide start-up funds for the Blue Revolution. (Watch a 20-minute presentation I gave in San Francisco last year.)  

Whoever provides this cost match will determine the name of the program.  I don't wish to gain any credit.  Hope to see you.

Let me close with a photoshopped version of my family mon I've utilized for the cover of my books:

To take the  high road to cooperation, you will need to cross a high bridge.  Takahashi means high bridge.  I've dedicated my life to serving as the link among nations for Planet Earth and Humanity to develop our sustainable resources in harmony with our marine environment.

Typhoon Phanfone is now a Category 4 storm at 130 MPH, and is still headed for Japan:

However, computer models show the typhoon taking a variety of tracks, from directly over Tokyo to sufficiently east and just skirting the eastern coastline.



Anonymous said...

tried to leave a commnet earlier today. appears did not go through. trying again.
Admirable your endowment to UH. if you can do a few lines on mission, i will make an effort to try to get funding match. Never know who I'll meet at a conference or airport.


Dear Angel:

Go to:

My Huffington Post article on:

Blue Revolution:


and my talk in San Francisco:


I look forward to our next encounter.